In this Infared Blaster setup we will utilize the TSOP4838 IR Receiver to record IR remote codes in order to play back the commands using an IR LED and a BC547 transistor. Then utilizing python we can create a script to automate the transmission of commands, i.e. turning on a TV set and changing the input source automatically.

Step 1: Parts

RPI 3 – https://goo.gl/CdVNoH

4 Amp Power Adapter – https://goo.gl/js4Uc7

16GB Micro SD – https://goo.gl/FDqZal

Miny Breadboard – https://goo.gl/xoNu4w

Resistor Assortment – https://goo.gl/q7FK1y

LED Assortment – https://goo.gl/Z5ri4u

IR LED kit – https://goo.gl/OqIvs7

Jumper Cable Assortment – https://goo.gl/7o34sL

BC547 Transistors – https://goo.gl/ewCMLX

TSOP4838 IR Recievers – https://goo.gl/3wqWdW

<p>Cool Pi project. You should enter this into the Microcontroller contest that is currently running. </p>

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