Hello Instructables!
Here is the new build of my Infared Led Rainbow Cloud.
Super easy to build, all you need is leds, resistors and an infrared sensor.

Heres what's changed
- Better code
- Requires a remote with fewer buttons
- Wall mount
- Power supply (not usb)
- More detailed instructions
- Schematic

I'm leaving the old one up because it requires less parts and might be better suited for some.
I would consider this a beginner/ intermediate project.  You should be familiar with using arduino libraries, and you will also have to play around with the IR receive codes.  Don't be discouraged if you've never done that before, as long as you're familiar with the basic arduino sketches you should be able to handle this! I'm making this instructable very indepth, anyone can follow along :]

Every color in individually controlled. Ive put up 3 pictures of different shades PURPLE :]

Step 1: What you need

    -Light weight, transparent container. example
    -Mesh Spackle tape. example 
    -Pollyfill stuffing
    -Fishing line or thread to hang
    -LEDs, Wires, Resistors, Infrared sensor and Remote
    -Battery or power source for arduino
    -Breadboard or blank circuit board, I used this one from Radio Shack.

    -Hot Glue
    -Soldering iron (optional)
    -Wire cutter, strippers

Silly question, <br> <br>Would you beable to list part numbers for the IR / LED / Resistors (you used) <br> <br>Thanks. :]
<p>Im not really sure, I bought a kit on ebay that came with a bunch of assorted parts.</p>
Cotton candy
Hi, this is simply amazing ! I am just wondering about the script, i would like to try recreate this but wiothout using a remote, possible using LDRs to contol when the lighting changes, I am a rooky at this kind of stuff and so was just looking for any advice? <br> <br>Thank you in advance
<p>Im sure it would be, but I to a rookie. There are some really great tutes on here though! If you make it Id love to see it :)</p>
<p>The link to the &quot;lovely tool&quot; should go to:-</p><p> <a href="http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz" rel="nofollow">http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz</a></p>
<p>fixed, thanks!</p>
looks really cool ;)
Looks great ! How much did it cost you to make it?
The housing was all things I had on hand, but it was a empty spinach container (recycled), spackle tape (a few dollars?), and poly fill ($5 for a huge bag and only used a little), and some fishing line or thread. <br> <br>The arduino is the only expensive part, they are about $35.

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