IR Receiver for Remote Control


Introduction: IR Receiver for Remote Control

This project is based on a micro-controller PIC16F84,
I added a relay 5vDC in this receiver  to switch on or to switch off a light from a remote control.



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    Hi. Firstly, I'm a software man, never done an electronics project. So could I tackle this one with your instructions? So here's the problem: for my son's wedding in May, he's rented an ancient barn with a beautiful timber roof going up to 5 metres. They want to decorate it with coloured paper lanterns, hanging on fishing line. I suggested lighting each lantern with cheap battery operated 10 LED strings. Problem is how to turn them on/off from up to say 4 metres away. There's going to be about 30 lanterns so the switches must be cheap and operate 3v DC or 4.5v depending on 2 or 3 battery models. I don't know the current of the LED strings, here's a possible example I'm thinking I'll need to solder in the receiver switch in parallel with or instead of the built in one. So, long explanation... is your project the solution? What would the rough cost of materials be for 30 of them?
    Thanks in advance for your help

    Can I modify this to switch my main room lights?

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    Of course you can ! Actually, I'm using this board to switch my room lights. you just need to connect the relay with the switch button of the light as a "comes and go schematic" like that:

    And where is the instructable section?

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    Under preparation ;)