Picture of IR Remote Control For your Computer

Use this R/C receiver for your computer to control all your things very good for people with htpc.

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Step 1: Preperation

Picture of Preperation

This is a very cheap receiver but can work with 99% of remotes and it cost me less than 5$.

IR receiver
Capacitor 4.7k uf 25 or 50 V
Resistor 4.7k
Diode N4148
7805 Regulator
D-sub 9 Connection (like on a old comp mouse)
D-sub 9 hood
pcb line board
3 line cable

Soldering Iron

Step 2: Solder the D-sub connection

Picture of Solder the D-sub connection

Solder 3 wires to these pins you might want to connect pin 7 as red because it is + and connect pin 5 as black ground and connect pin 1 as a green or yellow

Step 3: Solder the rest

Picture of Solder the rest

Solder all the rest like this diagram
you can also look at google far an etching diagram

Step 4: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

if youve finished it should look something like this:
when your done plug it in to the computer and download or there are many programs and most are open source so look for your prefered program.

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adamantum4 months ago

The Capacitor used here is 470 uf or 4.7k uf? i cant find the 4.7k uf..please help me

settra1 year ago
Hey. my pc dosent have a D-sub connection... only usb... what could i do to bypass this??
eegg (author)  settra5 months ago

You can use a USB to Serial adapter.

I want to make this for my XBMC setup, will the IR reciever from an old mechanical mouse work for this project?
techxpert3 years ago
Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 9.10.44 PM.png
sputhran3 years ago
can u give better shcematic plzzz, i cannot understandplzz reply
lordmarx3 years ago
just where do you plug this thing.
so what does it do?
A remote control receiver for your computer (Windows has only been coded for).

It means you can sync up any remote you wish with it and give each button a different command and/or button
Linux has a program for it as well, its called LIRC. Just google it :)
Later that year i found it and have been loving it ever since :D
tzsporsho3 years ago
i have everything set up on PCB, have the software installed too. i need a USB interface, nt a DB9. please help in this regard!
Nawaz6 years ago
Hey there,Nice instructable...Thanks for sharing..;)...I have 4 IR receivers bt i can't find its datasheet...its the SM0038....ive tried on same gud sites like theres nothing to do....Can you or any one help me finding it datasheet please....Or tell me if theres an alternative way of finding the pins configuration....Thanx in advance.....:).........
 if u still need it here is a pic on google of the datasheet or at least whats on the pins

ARJOON4 years ago
your instructable is not completed
would this plan work withthe software
DoubleM4 years ago
 can any kind of ir receiever be used? for example the tsop 4138? because I can't seem to find the 1138
Try it?
tried,no luck
Damn, thanks for the heads up though.
no problem. but my sensor even looks different
matstermind5 years ago
can i use any infrared receiver?
This IS a infared receiver
i was talking about the component, not the whole board
Ahhhhh, then i'm not too sure my friend. Trial and error? Otherwise, I would play it safe and assume no.
rockyt8 years ago
I don't mean to sound like a bone head, but what specifically can this be used for?
A way to use you PC.
please elaborate.
you can use it with a tv remote or any other source of IR device to control your pc by emulating mouse and keyboard input
I'll have to try this. Thanks for the howto rockyt -> Perfect to control the divx movies or mp3 music on your Home Theater Personal Computer
Thank you!
"Use this R/C reciver for your computer to control all your things very good for people with htpc/" Right there in the intro. You download programs to use it. I'm guessing it can be used with just about anything
Linco8 years ago
mhh...dont wanna look dumb, i searched for the information but never found answer so maybe you could help me please :)...can we...heum, transmit video/image to a tv screen (tv pluggued on a reciever)? whats the range of i/r signal? does it work on frequency? if yes, how can we set it? thanks alot!! :D
Lance Mt. Linco4 years ago
X-mind8 years ago
can it be used to view images from my USB PC camera wirelessly.
Ummm.. well. In short, no. I know i could, but i doubt its something worth both the effort and/or skill available
Hey whats up? just asking is there any way that you could make it work with a USB???
Yes you could You just need some sort of thingy called"Usb to serial"and then connect it like you would you normally do it. But it wont be easy
You can do it directly, but would need to just code for it.
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