IR Remote Control for Your Computer





Introduction: IR Remote Control for Your Computer

Use this R/C receiver for your computer to control all your things very good for people with htpc.

Step 1: Preperation

This is a very cheap receiver but can work with 99% of remotes and it cost me less than 5$.

IR receiver
Capacitor 4.7k uf 25 or 50 V
Resistor 4.7k
Diode N4148
7805 Regulator
D-sub 9 Connection (like on a old comp mouse)
D-sub 9 hood
pcb line board
3 line cable

Soldering Iron

Step 2: Solder the D-sub Connection

Solder 3 wires to these pins you might want to connect pin 7 as red because it is + and connect pin 5 as black ground and connect pin 1 as a green or yellow

Step 3: Solder the Rest

Solder all the rest like this diagram
you can also look at google far an etching diagram

Step 4: Finishing

if youve finished it should look something like this:
when your done plug it in to the computer and download or there are many programs and most are open source so look for your prefered program.



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    I can't get LIRC to work. Tried all the troubleshooting advice, double and triple checked the receiver I built, but the software refuses to load. Can anyone give me advice please?

    I've made this thing but in a different fashion, the 7805 regulator shows the pins in and out in opposite direction in your description. Is there a purpose to this or is it a mistake? I've mirrored your diagram and then put the components in place.

    OK got it to work. Any Google search will tell you what the correct pin function is for the regulator; the image description in this DIY has in and out backwards. So assume that the diagram provided is a back view (soldering viewpoint). For everything else, I've made it as described.
    It works and that's all that matters; the IR unit I installed is a TSOP1836. If your PC has no serial connection then don't forget to order a cable to convert dsub 9 pin (male) to 10 pin main bord connection.

    Good job EEGG and thank you for this easy and working instructable.

    Hey. my pc dosent have a D-sub connection... only usb... what could i do to bypass this??

    You need to buy a PCI board DB9 /DB25 pins, is very cheap. Good Luck


    You can use a USB to Serial adapter.

    The Capacitor used here is 470 uf or 4.7k uf? i cant find the 4.7k uf..please help me

    Yes, dude. The capacitor is 4.7 uf, "four dot seven". I use 4.7 uf 25 V.

    I want to make this for my XBMC setup, will the IR reciever from an old mechanical mouse work for this project?