Picture of IR battle conversion for RC Tanks
This instructable will show you how to install a DBC/DBU IR battle system in a 1/16 RC tank!
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Step 1: Parts/Tools list

1. 1/16 RC Tank (I will be using a Heng Long KV-1)
2. DBC (I will be using a DBC RC2HL)
3. DBU

This requires the most basic of tools to complete.

Small screwdrivers
Wire cutters
Soldering iron/gun
Zip ties (I consider these tools)
Exacto knife, Dremel or some other preferred cutting tool.

DBC/DBU guides

DBU Build:

Step 2: Remove upper hull

With the tank on its side, remove screw holding battery hatch, unplug then remove battery. Next remove 6 screws from the bottom of the hull. Then remove 2 screws (1 each side) above the sprocket that holds the rear of the upper hull in place. Gently lift turret and upper hull assembly from lower hull(careful there are wire still connected). Disconnect the wires connecting the lower hull to the antennae and turret(this one has 3). This is a good point to inspect for damage if it's the 1st time you've had the tank open. I found the mount for the 8pin connector broken(which is common).

Step 3: Remove turret

Sorry for the blurry pictures!
At this point I will desolder the 3 turret control wires and label them for easy identification later.  Unscrew and remove the turret ring, separate turret from upper hull. Set upper hull aside

Step 5: Installing DBU IR sensor

Picture of Installing DBU IR sensor
Choose a good spot to mount your DBU that wont interfere with the turret components(This varies from model to model). I decided on the right rear of the turret so I can keep the airsoft functional. Next drill/cut/dremel your opening for the DBU pins/mount.I used a small piece of pcb with a 5 pin connector for my DBU cable/mount. Check for proper fit then epoxy the pcb in place.

DBU cable needs to be able to reach the front of the lower hull!
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Oracus (author)  berrymartin1 year ago
Thanks! I am planning on making an Instructable on R/C Tank IR Battling and Rules in the future.
RC Tank is a best hobby of boy and exciting for kids also.Thanks for sharing such a nice information about tank. It have many excellent features that change a small playground for realistic battlefield immediately.
Oracus (author)  the doctor who2 years ago