Picture of IR battle conversion for RC Tanks
This instructable will show you how to install a DBC/DBU IR battle system in a 1/16 RC tank!

Step 1: Parts/Tools list

Picture of Parts/Tools list
1. 1/16 RC Tank (I will be using a Heng Long KV-1)
2. DBC (I will be using a DBC RC2HL) http://darkith.dyndns.org/~darkith/html/dbc.shtml
3. DBU

This requires the most basic of tools to complete.

Small screwdrivers
Wire cutters
Soldering iron/gun
Zip ties (I consider these tools)
Exacto knife, Dremel or some other preferred cutting tool.

DBC/DBU guides

Operations: http://darkith.dyndns.org/~darkith/files/DBC-RC2HL_inst.pdf
Build: http://darkith.dyndns.org/~darkith/files/DBC-RC2HL_build.pdf
DBU Build: http://darkith.dyndns.org/~darkith/html/dbu_inst.shtml
berrymartin2 years ago
Great Job, I read this valuable post about rc Tank . I like this model its color and design both are really very nice.These types of model are real source of enjoyment for kids, I really like this information about the model and its features. thanks for sharing......
Oracus (author)  berrymartin2 years ago
Thanks! I am planning on making an Instructable on R/C Tank IR Battling and Rules in the future.
RC Tank is a best hobby of boy and exciting for kids also.Thanks for sharing such a nice information about tank. It have many excellent features that change a small playground for realistic battlefield immediately.
Oracus (author)  the doctor who2 years ago