Introduction: IR Detector and Power Generator

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 I bought a 6v 100 ma solar panel of radio shack for 2$ and made this project . It detects ir and generates 2 volts of ir and 5.5 of solar.

Step 1: Parts :

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you need - parts:
1 6v 100 ma mini solar panel
3v white LED
some wire
a switch (important)

soldering iron 
some solder

Step 2: Do It

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1 solder the led to the switch
2 solder the other led lead to the solar panel
3 extend two wires as shown 

Step 3: Let's Test It

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hold the front of the plate in your hand 
take a tv remote and press any key if the switch is on and everything is right the led should flash
now switch it off and go in the sun and test with the open leads 
your done!


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