IR Radar System





Introduction: IR Radar System

Recently I've worked on a IR radar system by utilizing the sharp GP2D12 sensor. The sensor generates a voltage proportional to the distance to the measured object. I've used a PIC 18F458 microcontroller to measure that voltage and draw a radar screen on the 128x64 graphical LCD display.

The microcontroller also generates the pwm signals for driving the RC servo motor. The servo motor turns the IR sensor for scanning the environment.

Step 1: Videoclip

here is a videoclip of the system while working.

Step 2: Circuit Schematic

here is the circuit schematic and the proteus simulation file

a more detailed version of the circuit schematic is in the zip file.

the DSN file is also full detail. it also simulates the circuit, all you need to do is to download the proteus demo version from

Step 3: Source Code

#include <18F458.h>
#device ADC=8
#use delay(clock=8000000)
#use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7)

#define GLCD_WIDTH 128

#define GLCD_E PIN_E0 // Enable
#define GLCD_DI PIN_B5

#define GLCD_CS1 PIN_A1 // Chip Selection 1
#define GLCD_CS2 PIN_B0

#define SERVO PIN_A3

#include <HDM64GS12.c>
#include <graphics.c>
#include <math.h>

char message[] = "EndtaS RaDaR";
float theta = 0, ytheta;

void main() {

int1 enbas;
int mesafe;
int car1, sayac, a;
int16 servopos;



glcd_text57(30, 0, message, 1, 1);

glcd_circle(29, 37, 26, 0, 1) ;
glcd_pixel( 29 , 37 , ON);
theta = 7.85;
servopos = 550;

mesafe = read_adc();
//printf("th: %f -> %u \r\n\n",theta, mesafe);

ytheta = theta;
sayac = 1;
if ( enbas == TRUE ){
sayac = 50;
for ( a=0 ; a<sayac ; a++){
delay_us( 20000 - servopos );
if ( enbas == TRUE ) {
glcd_circle(29, 37, 25, 1, 0);
glcd_pixel( 29 , 37 , ON);

if (ytheta >= 4.51 ) {
ytheta -=.02;
servopos += 12;
enbas = FALSE;
else {
//glcd_circle(29, 37, 25, 1, 0) ;
ytheta = 7.85;
servopos = 550;
//glcd_pixel( 29 , 37 , ON);
enbas = TRUE;

//glcd_pixel( 28+(int)(car1*sin(-theta)+.5), 38-(int)(car1*cos(theta)+.5), OFF);

//glcd_pixel( 28+(int)(car1*sin(-theta-1)+.5), 38-(int)(car1*cos(theta-1)+.5), OFF);

theta = ytheta;

car1 = mesafe / 8;
glcd_pixel( 28+(int)(car1*sin(-theta)+.5), 38-(int)(car1*cos(theta)+.5), ON);



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    Hello, friend. Thanks for sharing your work. But, I try to compile, and got some errors.

    I'll apreciate it, if you could help me.

    Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files.
    Clean: Deleted file "Radar.ESYM".
    Clean Warning: File "C:\Microcontroller software\PICC\Devices\Radar.o" doesn't exist.
    Clean: Deleted file "Radar.ERR".
    Clean: Done.
    Executing: "C:\Microcontroller software\PICC\Ccsc.exe" +FH "Radar.c" I+="C:\Microcontroller software\PICC\Devices" +DF +LN +T +A +M +Z +Y=9 +EA
    *** Error 18 "Radar.c" Line 17(10,23): File can not be opened
    Not in "C:\Microcontroller software\PICC\Devices\HDM64GS12.c"
    Not in local "C:\Trabajos Micro2\HDM64GS12.c"
    *** Error 18 "Radar.c" Line 18(10,22): File can not be opened
    Not in "C:\Microcontroller software\PICC\Devices\graphics.c"
    Not in local "C:\Trabajos Micro2\graphics.c"
    *** Error 18 "Radar.c" Line 19(10,18): File can not be opened
    Not in "C:\Microcontroller software\PICC\Devices\math.h"
    Not in local "C:\Trabajos Micro2\math.h"
    *** Error 12 "Radar.c" Line 35(10,11): Undefined identifier -- glcd_init
    *** Error 12 "Radar.c" Line 37(16,17): Undefined identifier -- glcd_fillScreen
    *** Error 12 "Radar.c" Line 39(12,13): Undefined identifier -- glcd_text57
    *** Error 12 "Radar.c" Line 41(12,13): Undefined identifier -- glcd_circle
    *** Error 12 "Radar.c" Line 42(13,14): Undefined identifier -- glcd_pixel
    *** Error 12 "Radar.c" Line 63(12,13): Undefined identifier -- glcd_circle
    *** Error 12 "Radar.c" Line 64(13,14): Undefined identifier -- glcd_pixel
    *** Error 12 "Radar.c" Line 90(13,14): Undefined identifier -- glcd_pixel
    11 Errors, 0 Warnings.
    Halting build on first failure as requested.
    BUILD FAILED: Wed May 22 02:15:15 2013

    why dosent the video play when i click play? is there even a video, plz post it to youtube and add a link in the reply


    good project but can i make it with pic 16f877a and Nokia 3310 GLCD?

    Infrared is LiDAR, not RADAR. Please use proper terminology so that when people search for projects they can find what they want.

    2 replies

    it just the same. i dont think it needs the right terminology.

    a little edgy of a comment. but i am sure you addressed your concern with Sharp directly.
    you must have gotten a ticket lately.

    can it sense more than one object in line?

    it has a video already. :)

    the video won't work for me but this is awesome!!! i'm hopefully going to make me one!!!

    please tell me the link

    hiii.. I want that circuit diagram and part list toooo...
    hope can sent at my email:


    i need proteus simulation of infrared beam detector circuit,
    that when receiver is not receiving it should enable relay and turn on LED.
    a similar circuit is given URL :


    PLZ HELP,,,

    awesome project man.Can you send me all the component used on this project more detailed and also with the circuit.thanks for sharing this project.This is my emel address

    can u also sent me the circuit? thanks


    Can you please mail me the circuit diagram. The proteus file is hard to understand for me. Please! 
    My email id is! 

     WoAAh .... What a project...... 
     can u tell each and every thing which is used in this project..... under a heading of "PARTS LISTs USED"
    THAnks ...


     Oks! But where is the sensor GP2D12 connected? 
    I don't see it anywhere in the schematic diagram! 

    1 reply

    its connected to the Pin_A0 


    Nice work! 
    but I dont understand where have you kept the Gp2D12 sensor from your circuit diagram! 
    And pls can you tell me how have you simulated the sensor with Proteus and how can I input the position of any obstacle to it! 
    Thanks in advance!