Picture of IRON FLAIL.
Is there anything cooler , Stronger, baddest that Epic Game weapons?  When you choose the weapon that helps you in the Quest,It should be able to handle just about anything life throws your way.

If you are a fierce warrior that slash hordes of orcs and other evil armies, don´t you think that would be awesome if you really handle those ammo in your hands?
Well I´m the kind of gamer that really get in the role.Since I begin to play Epic Role Video Games I was wondering to have some weapons in my wall that remains in my family for Aeons.
That would be an awesome piece of decoration for your cave.
Need no more words, time to battle.!!

Warning and disclaimer. This is a display piece, not intended to be used as a weapon, I  bear no responsibility for any injuries sustained if the warning is ignored.Flails and many other "jointed" weapons (such as nunchaku) constitute prohibited weapons in Canada, and are illegal to possess without proper licensing.

I made this weapon to use only in self defense against ORCS, ZOMBIES, WEREFOLVES AND ANY EVIL CREATURES THAT INTEND TO HURT MYSELF AND MY BELOVED ONES.Its not made to killmyself or anybody else.Is just for fun and decorative puposes, so chill out and stop thinking those crazy things.

Step 1: Stuff & Making

Forged Manganese + Iron Ball.(2.5 kilograms)
Iron chain.40 cms.
Piece of wood.35 cms.
Arc welder.
Welding rods.
Clear Varnish.
The main part is the Iron ball. It's made of manganese and Iron and its from a Wet mill of a Cement plant.It weights 2.5 kilograms.
First I carved the wood handle. Then I made a C figure in iron and attached to the handle with an Iron rivet.Finnally I welded the 40 cms.chain to the Iron ball and paint in Black.

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cchristopher26 months ago
Flexible weapons are infamous for causing injuries to the wielder's hand. To reduce the chances of such make sure the chain is short enough that the ball can't strike the hand on the grip; or conversely, long enough that the ball on the chain goes past the hand's grip on the staff.

just a tip,
you should attach the c figure to the handle so there isn't a gap and it's bolted to the top as well as the sides, just to make it more secure

Mr.Sanchez (author)  Lachlan Van Vliet1 year ago

Thank u so much. Indeed it's so hard to handle. I will fix that issue.

myrrhmaid1 year ago
You did a great job on this!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  myrrhmaid1 year ago
Thnx for da comment. I hope I`d deserve your vote !!
Just don't ever try to use it, You'll get sore fingers... or worse ;-)

A fun wall hanger though.
lol, dont worry ima build it and shoot it out of my cannon at a wall. i still say its better than the high heel snow plows.... wth? really.....
Mr.Sanchez (author)  jnunz2 years ago
It seems that in this time I was not worthy of become a winner.I´ll keep on trying.Thanks for the comment.
There's always next time ;-)
Mr.Sanchez (author)  charlesian20002 years ago
I used everyday and I don´t get sore fingers..why ?? Because I wear leather gloves and a helmet and Goggles. Thanks for ask.
Just be careful, they didn't make them in the past like this for a reason ;-)
Mr.Sanchez (author)  charlesian20002 years ago
Ok I will.I think they do this to knock knock in the enemies doors.=)
I've used a few western weapons in a sporting situation, and the "ball and chain", is pretty awful to use.

If the chain is as long as the stick or longer the weapons can't be controlled, the weapon controls the wielder. You've probably found this out if you swing your toy and try to stop it following through. One handed it's a carnival ride :-D

Lengthen the stick to a two handed pole, and you'll get a bit more control, and if you do this you will find that you can have a bit more fun too ;-)
CeltiKaos2 years ago
Nice job.. I'd suggest putting in a disclaimer that it is a display piece, not intended to be used as a weapon, and that you bear no responsibility for any injuries sustained if the warning is ignored.
Mr.Sanchez (author)  CeltiKaos2 years ago
Done !! Thanks for comment.
Mrballeng2 years ago
This is intense!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Mrballeng2 years ago
Do you know how exactly is the meaning of :"Soon" ???
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Mrballeng2 years ago
Yup !!! The waiting is killing me.But again I got the honor of being a finalist with you.BTW Piranha is just AWESOME !!!Good luck and that the Best Win.!!
ggboom52 years ago
Isn't the proper term for this weapon: a Flail?
vincent75202 years ago
Any skull around ?… :/
dsmithtx2 years ago
how long is the chain? where did you get the ball? how much does it weigh? info like this would be helpful.

Mr.Sanchez (author)  dsmithtx2 years ago
Chain 40 cms. The Ball is from a cement wet Mill and you can find it here.
Ha ha, the minimum order for any of the suppliers on you link is one Metric Ton.

Sell the rest on Ebay! I'm sure there are plenty of other zombie slayers out there that would grab them up!!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  yellowcatt2 years ago
Is'nt awesome how many flails you can make.!!
gurglash2 years ago
nice one but your chain is too long for the piece of wood
your are going to hurt or kill yourself using this ;-)
Mr.Sanchez (author)  gurglash2 years ago
Woaa...chill out a little I´m not going to hurt myself or anybody else.It´s only for display purposes.In fact, i added 10 cms more so the strength of the impact its more effective.
Have you broke your knee caps yet?
Mr.Sanchez (author)  random squigles2 years ago
Nope ...yet.But thanks for ask.I´ll let you know if happen.
Black Rook2 years ago
This is a very nice piece, and I applaud your skills in crafting it.

I would like to offer a warning to anyone in Canada, however, who was thinking of making this or something similar. Flails and many other "jointed" weapons (such as nunchaku) constitute prohibited weapons in Canada, and are illegal to possess without proper licensing.

However, many other handheld weapons are legal (for example a non-spiked mace) so it is best to consult legal precedent in your area before making anything like this.

Again, great Instructable, and a lovely build.
Unless your opponent is armored, a rolled up newspaper is just as effective, will cause fewer self-inflicted injuries, and be a lot less conspicuous.
Mr.Sanchez (author) 2 years ago
After a lot of smashing tests I learnt that I really need a Helmet and a pair of goggles !!!Safety is first !!
Tupulov2 years ago
Zombies beware! Well done.
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Tupulov2 years ago
Hell yeahh !!!you can smash three zombie heads with just one hit.You got to love it.(just kidding..there are no zombies...YET!!)
mayala62 years ago
Mr.Sanchez (author)  mayala62 years ago
Thank u malaya6 !!
I congratulate you, my good sir, on creating one of the few combat grade weapons on this site! Most excellently done!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  ninja of suburbia2 years ago
Thank you ninja !!! This is the first of various Epic weapons.Stay tune ; if you like this, your gonna love My next Weaponry Ible.
M.C. Langer2 years ago
Hehehehehehe! Amazing! Right now I want to destroy a cellphone with this!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  M.C. Langer2 years ago
Guess what !! Now it's in the kitchen smashing Panelas.Hehehehe...
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