How to make you own Iron Man Safety Faceshield

Step 1: Faceshield

A face protection Faceshield, Tape the front shield with blue Tape then freehand the eyes and mouth then use a Dremel for cutting.

Step 2: Hot Glue Gun

use a hot glue gun to make it look like welds ( welding )

Step 3: The Painting

Use a steel wool for sanding the front and then spray painted chrome.

Step 4: The Final Touch

The Mouth I just used a Permanent Marker.
<p>Where did you find the dimensions of the eyes? a template?</p>
<p>cool idea....</p>
The Mark 1 in my opinion is most likely the coolest out of all the suits.
ya I think so too looks like the daddy of all other iron man.
Awesome! So what paint did you use exactly? And did you need to prime it?
Awesome! So what paint did you use exactly? And did you need to prime it?
Great Job !!
You could do this on a welding face shield and have the most badass mask in the shop.
ya that would be bad ass a welding helmet like the old vintage welding helmets right.
Oh, that is just so cool!
Oh, you know, if you didn't cut out the eyes, just masked them off from the sanding and painting, you could still use this as a proper face shield!
originally supposed to have to plastics one in front the mark 1 image and the other one inside of it. That way you could replace it when ever it get scratch. but for me I liked it for my man cave d&eacute;cor on my wall. Thanks great observation

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