This is a tutorial on Modding the Iron Man 2 Iron Man Helmet to look like the War machine (IM2) or the Patriot (IM3)

Step 1: You Need:

an Iron Man 2 Helmet

Silver Spray Paint

Black Spray Paint

Masking Tape

Red Paint

A Paintbrush

<p>What kind of paint do you need?</p><p>&quot;besides Spray Paint?&quot;</p>
<p>try Plastikote but remember to use Primer first</p>
<p>I would recommend buying the helmet, it is worth the money, as I have found pep to be way too intricate and hard -_-</p>
How to make halmet
are you trolling? <br>i buy the base of the helmet from the link within the tutorial :,) <br>oh and btw, i've started on a Patriot Helmet.
or you pep the helmet.

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