Introduction: IRON MAN PROJECT 2: War Machine's ARC Reactor

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Here's how to Modify your Iron Man 2 Arc chest light to shine Red!


It is the Demonstration of how the mod works.

Step 2: Starting the Mod.

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you need:
wire cutters
3 bright red LEDs
a soldering iron
a screwdriver.

Start by unscrewing the whole back piece, even the battery pack, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND you remove the batteries as they will become annoying during the mod.

Step 3: Cutting and Soldering.

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now the three lights are connected by wires. DO NOT cut the wires.
there are two wires that the LEDs in there are connected by, cut the LED wires and place the new ones above where the last were cut off. with a little bit of solder wire, take your soldering iron and just gently melt the solder over the previous LED insertions, hold the Red LED in place while you solder, keep hold of it until the solder has solidified, do this for the last two LEDs.

once they're done, put the battery back in, screw the back cap on and then the battery pack casing.
Test out your new ARC light. does it work?

Now for a nice finishing touch, carefully paint the ARC reactor silver and use a drybrush effect of black for a used look.
your ARC reactor is now modified and ready for use.

NOTE: This mod can be done for ANY LED colour so any Iron Man ARC Reactor can be done

Step 4: Finishing Up

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now 2 parts of War Machine are complete.
Hope you Enjoyed this Tutorial.


Duct-Tape-Master (author)2014-02-17

Nice job man!

cheers, i'm building two War Machines, one scratchbuilt and a party quality costume

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