Hi friends....

it is a rechargeable flashlight which we can control by hand's moves.

Iron man themed flashlight.

Step 1: What You Need...

- LEDs

here I use 13 White LEDs

-TP4056 charger circuit

- stainless steel wire


- plastic ring

- Li-iron battery

- switch

here I make simple hand control switch. I use magnets,PCB strip, metal ring

.- one diode (1N4007)

Step 2: Join All LEDs in PCB.

cut the round shep PCB.

And solder all LEDs parallel connection.

Step 3: Now Plastic Ring

here I use 350mm diameter plastic ring.

drill two holes.

you can make it by 3D printer.

after drilling holes placed in stainless steel wire.

Step 4: Led Circuit and Plastic Ring

join LED circuit and plastic ring using hot glue gun.

Step 5: Connection

Now make all connection as diagram.

solder positive terminal of battery to PCB strip.

solder Positive terminal of LEDs to metal ring.

and connect ground of battery to negative of LEDs

Step 6: Make a Switch

here I use PCB strip, magnets and metal ring.show on figure. solder positive terminal of battery to PCB strip.solder Positive terminal of LEDs to metal ring.

Step 7: Done

now fold the stainless steel wire size of hand.

Step 8: Demonstration

<p>you may want to edit this, flesh light might not be what you want to advertise this as</p>
<p>yes </p>
that's a pretty cool idea. I love the idea of the switch
Thank you...
you are right.
sorry for not response.<br>

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