Hi guys ,I 'm  from CHINA.Last month,I  made three  ARC REACTOR.This is the first.Please frrgive my broken English.

Step 1: THE PLAN

This is the plan,it's not very pricise,but it's enough for being made.


Make the light ring and add  circuit.




Install the reactor into my chest.. It's looks exactly the same as the one in the movie. the photo has no special effects!


Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave! With a box of scraps!
Well sorry to say he is not Tony Stark
it's more of tony stark "building" it while a large fabrication company work out how to make it and deliver it to the set while a team of graphic artists practice their video editing skills
how can u create it man. tell me what is that.. how its work.<br>is it totally lamp or inside some led's fit..
how did you make the outer case with the writing on it?
simple n awesome...
Tony stark is a god and you are an angel
how did you make it to go in your chest
i made a hole in my vest and attach the reactor to it. simple!hehe
how u make the hole in ur vest plz tell me<br>
with a pair of scissors
How do you make the ring light up? Please right back. (mineralman.larson@hotmail.com)
He most likely used SMD/SMT LEDs. It's what I used for mine.<br>They're basically flattened LEDs that have a wide output of light. You can buy them fairly cheap online, but I've not seen them in stores. They generally come as a light strip, but it is possible to buy them as pieces.<br><br>Good luck &amp; happy making :)
Nice reactor! How did you make it look like it was in your chest?
I think it is just sitting on his chest, possibly taped there.<br><br>That, or he has missle fragments stuck in his heart :P
nice job man...soooooooo great arc reactor... pls if you have facebook add me or tell me your facebook name so i can add you....<a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=200457469969792&set=a.164255006923372.40323.100000166206040#!/djputa100">my facebook</a>
Dude you are a SUPER-GENIUS!!!!
you're a genius!
I used a resin jewelry mold. It was already the right size and shape. I filled it about halfway with resin and put the LEDs in it partway and let it cure. If that's still too difficult or expensive, you might want to try cutting out pieces of plastic packaging and forming them into a ring or something.
How did you make the light ring? Great project. This is one of the best looking arc reactors on instructables.
Thanks for your praise!I'm sorry I forget post this step ,the light ring is made of Plexiglass.I cut the plexiglass into rings and embed a lot of LEDs in it.I will post this step in my next ARC REACTOR project:)I cut the head fo LEDs to reduce the height.
yeah i saw the light ring build in <a href="http://www.chinasmack.com/2010/pictures/iron-man-arc-reactor-chinese-netizen.html"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">this website</span></a><br>
i was wondering if theres a substitude for making the ring instead of using the patio ring or ur custom ring. What else can i use? Plz i've been thinking of this for awhile since the movie was out thank you
how did you make the light ring? please email lordkenwinlam@gmail.com please if u have time :)
here is the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/BUILD-THE-SECOND-GENERATION-ARC-REACTOR/
I have a second arc reactor posted on the instructables, and there i illustrated how to make the light ring in greater detail. you can check it.
I really love it~
how do you made the &quot;light ring&quot;?
see my second reactor, it tells you the detailes.
Your english is ok, I can easily understand everything you wrote. &nbsp;The only suggestion I would make is that you should leave a space after commas, periods and other punctuation, because it makes reading easier. &nbsp;Compare<br> <br> Hi,Instructables!This is my arc reactor,I will show you how to build one.<br> <br> and<br> <br> Hi, Instructables! &nbsp;This is my arc reactor,&nbsp;I will show you how to build one.<br> <br> That's a very small suggestion though. &nbsp;Love the arc reactor, I'd like to see how you built the light ring too.
Thank you very much for your help! I'm a highschool student, I'm still learning English. Your help enhances my learning, thanks again! I tried to upload the picture which shows how I make the light ring, but the picture is unable to be uploaded, for the connecting speed is too slow. I have to go to bed, tomorrow I have to rise early for school. I will do it again tomorrow.
The pictures are how I made the light ring. hope you can understand what i mean. http://hiphotos.baidu.com/%D6%A5%BC%D3%B8%E7%B6%A9%CA%E9%BB%FA/pic/item/1a28b0222109bf9a4623e8a5.jpg http://hiphotos.baidu.com/%D6%A5%BC%D3%B8%E7%B6%A9%CA%E9%BB%FA/pic/item/536b6e19da87287b43a9ada5.jpg
sorry, I can not upload the image into the comment space, if you want the detailed pictures showing you how to make the light ring, please give me your email adress, i can send them to you. thanks!
That's ok- I got the images from the addresses you posted. If you want to put images in comments, you can add them from your image library with the &quot;add images&quot; button and they will appear at the bottom of your comment (like this globe). If you haven't uploaded the image you will have to do that first so it will appear in your image library.<br> <br> If you have the Rich Editor button you can use that to make links, like this:<br> <a href="http://hiphotos.baidu.com/%D6%A5%BC%D3%B8%E7%B6%A9%CA%E9%BB%FA/pic/item/1a28b0222109bf9a4623e8a5.jpg" rel="nofollow">Trim LEDs</a><br> <a href="http://hiphotos.baidu.com/%D6%A5%BC%D3%B8%E7%B6%A9%CA%E9%BB%FA/pic/item/536b6e19da87287b43a9ada5.jpg" rel="nofollow">Assemble ring</a><br> <br> If neither of those work, a URL shortening service like bit.ly will help you make short links that you can easily put in comments. &nbsp;Hope all of this helps!
Thank you very much~~
big suprise to see your Chinese!!!how can you do it?!hehehe....不客气,or不用谢!
can you describe this step a bit more? im a bit curious about the bronze rings
Hi! i would just like to say a few things 1) your english is better than you give credit to (i know several americans who speak english much worse) 2) THIS IS THE BEST REACTOR I HAVE EVER SEEN ON INSTRUCTABLES! you said you would post the light ring in your next reactor instructions, when can i expect that because i really want to try and make a reactor as good as yours Regards -DF
Cool. This may be the best arc reactor I've seen on Instructables. The only problem I see is that in the movie, the stand has the inscription in two shorter lines.
THANKS! MY equipments is limitde so I can't make the reactor exactly the same as the movie,what a pity...T-T

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