Step 2: "Fiberglassing"

Second list of material:
Fiber glass resin (with its hardener)
Fiber glass mat
Aluminium foil
Aerosol Can Lubricant (WD-40)
Paint Brushes
Protective Eye Glasses
Dremel Tool

Prapare a table with Aluminium foil, spray lubricant over it. This will help us to avoid the resin stick to the table.

Cut the Fiber Glass mat in small or big strips depending on the part size.

Put your gloves, protective eye glasses and respirator. Mix a small portion of the resin (I used 1/4 of a cup) with the catalyst (10 to 20 drops, depending on the weather, if it's hot, with 10 drops it's ok. As long as you work with this you will know how many drops you'll need). Once the catalyst is added, you will only have 15 minutes to work with it aprox.

Start applying one strip of Fiberglass Mat, and resin over it in the inner side of the part. Repeat this until you have all the part cover it.
After applying the first layer let dry about 15 mins, and continue with the second layer. This is really important on the big parts, like the chest, back, legs, helmet etc, because 1 layer stills flexible and weak.

Resin the outside of the part very well and letting it dry 24 hours.

After the part is solid to the touch, trim the excess of fiber glass mat using the dremel tool .

TIP: Let dry the parts under the sunlight, the heat accelerates the drying process. 
fuzzyfan982 years ago
About how much mat and resin did you need to do this project? A close estimate would be greatly appreciated.
I just finished this stage and I put on single layer of fiberglass (300gr/m2) on the costume and it's pretty sturdy. I used about 2 - 3 m2 fiberglass mat (I think, I haven't measured it) and used 3 kg of resin, but please note that I made my costume small (scale of 19.75).
lpeixe2 years ago
aew galera quem tiver as paginas para inprimir em pdf ou qual quer outro tipo de arquivo pode me mandar pf vlw a todos.
wolvern2 years ago
how much resin did you use in total tho just the 1/4 cup or more..

just want to buy all i need in advance
Where do you get the fiberglass resin? Home Depo?
What is the brand of the fibreglass resin you used and how much did you need for the entire suit? I am having trouble finding any stores in ireland that have it
Bonkai554 years ago
What model of dremel tool did you use?
When you apply the second layer of resin, do you use the resin mat again as well? Do you use resin mat on the outside of the part too? Thanks.