IRONMAN MKVI Suit (in Progress)





Introduction: IRONMAN MKVI Suit (in Progress)

After Making a rushed arc reactor i desided that i must make a full Iron man costume. Unfortunatly i dont think it will be done before Hallowen due to being at school but stay posted for all the updates as they come. I have only ever done fiberglassing when building a canoe.

The canoe was much easyier as you just lay down strips on the joints of the wood, but the intericut detail of this project is completly differnt to anything like that.

So be advised THIS REQUIRES A LOT OF PATIENCE!! The Suit this Instructable is about is the mark 6 from the well known Ironman 2 film and it is also seen in the first half of The Avengers. The inspiration has come from Instructables member Sekkei. Many of you may have seen the foam Suits but this is a Pepakura version which is a lot more time consuming. 

Step 1: Pepakura (Printing, Cutting and Glueing)


-Pepakura viewer software
-The pepakura files or (
-glue(pritt stick)
-scapol/craft knife
-Thick paper
-A printer

Pepakura is a 3D modelling program which enables a user to take a 3D design and 'unfold' it, like it was a paper cut out. so for you all you have to do is to print it and cut all the pieces out then glue them together. i suggest using a polysleve to keep all the piece of one part together at a time so you don't loose them! you need to be printing onto thick paper or paper stock. I got mine of Amazon but the UK site doesn't have much choice at all so browse the internet for some. 

Once you've printed all of the parts keep them ordered otherwise you wont be able to do it! cut them by the solid black line and use the craft knife to indent the fold areas(dotted or dashed lines). Dotted lines should be bent away from you and dash/dot lines towards you.

Using the Pepakura viewer link and glue all the pieces together to create the part of the model. There are LOADS!!!

Step 2: Fibre Glassing

Fibre glassing is a time consuming progress! it could possibly take longer than the cutting and sticking. It requires a few safety points as the resin produces dangerous fumes and the fibre glass mat can get stuck under you skin and cause serious irritation.

So.... the Kit:

-Disposable gloves(loads of them)
-a Respirator

All of the above can be bought at a local DIY shop(I went to B&Q)

-Fibreglass matt
-resin with its hardener(they are normally sold as a pair)
-A Dremel tool with multiple heads
-tin foil( aluminium foil)
-WD40( spray lubricant)

To start with prepare a work area that has little dust and lots of ventilation. outside is fine as long as its not raining. prepare the work bench or table by layering it with tin foil using the cello-tape to hold it on. do this to a few boards as well so you can put things to the side to dry etc. spray each one with a good dose of WD40 to stop any resin from sticking to the foil.

Cut all of the fibreglass matt into pieces big and small, medium and odd shaped. you will not know how much you need so do it all. cut this with scissors and gloves. put on you overall and goggles as well as your respirator and begin mixing the resin with its hardener. different brands have differnt requirements on ratio so read the box to check. i used about 1;5. layer the inside of the part with resin and cover it with fibreglass after this add another layer of resin. Depending on how big the part is it may need another layer of fibreglass other wise it will be too flimsy. just do the same as above on top. after all the coats are on and a little bit solid, paint the outside of the part with resin as well, ONLY RESIN.

Leave all the pieces to dry for a day and they will be rock solid. I found that the chest and other large pieces didn't stay in shape whilst the stuff was drying so I held them until they had dried stiff enough to stay in place( 5 minutes)

Repeat the process on all of the parts, still in progress for me :(

Step 3: Body Filling(coming Soon....)



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    Hey would you be able to send them to me to please I'm looking for Mark VI.
    Thank you

    For all of the people following my page to see this finished, it is temporarily on hold as the resin/filler does not set in the cold and the shed I am making it in does not have heating :(