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This is my second attempt at an ironman helmet however ive learnt from my initial mistakes and thought i would share them so. . . . . . here we go. 
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Step 1:

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Step 1 was to buy a poly head, this can be brought from amazon, ebay etc for around £5. I then covered it in plasticine and cling film. This will allow the helmet to be removed alot more easily from the head upon completion. I found that with my previous attempt it was very difficult to remove it which resulted in me breaking up the poly head.

Step 2:

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Step 2, Purchase some "air drying clay" ive tried the cheaper stuff and its no good, it cracks and is difficult to work with when its set. I used DAS clay, its fantastic. Easy to work with when wet and dry. 
I brought 2 packs at £6 each and this has made the whole helmet with some to spare incase i have a mishap and any color will do, whatever suits you. 

I the rolled out the clay to a decent depth and started to layer it onto the head. Don't be too sparing with it, remember, this is the basic support structure to everything you're going to add after so it has to be strong.

You can blend it in by dipping your fingers in a bowl of water and smoothing the edges to merge. 

Step 3:

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Step 3. This is where it starts to get enjoyable. Once your head is completely dry draw a set of basic outlines on your clay so you can see which parts have to be built up. Once you've done this you can start by sticking chunks of clay onto the areas you want pronounced,
You have no need at this stage to be neat, really whack it on and build up the important parts and always make sure its symmetrical. Work the clay smooth with wet fingers until its a rough shape of Ironmans helmet.

lstcause1480 (author) 2 years ago
I thought about casting them but its heartbreaking after spending hours making a perfect mould isnt it. Im going to mould my first attempt i think, not as attached to him lol. Thanks chirow.
n1cod3mus2 years ago
you should now make a RTV silicone mould of it ( ) with a fiber glass jacket.

then you can cast it using fiber glass, and more importantly you can make as many copys as you want, can you say ebay? ;-)
chirow2 years ago
This is awsome !!
lstcause1480 (author) 2 years ago
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all who have viewed and passed on feedback, I've entered this competition so if you've made use of or just enjoyed this instructable please vote, i could really do with a laser cutter for the stands im making for the helmets i make. Thank you
lstcause1480 (author) 2 years ago
Just deepen the first layer of clay because if its your little boys he's probably going to be rough with it. Sorted . . . . . Have fun
Cool thx I got some das clay today just got get a poly head now didn't no if was wearable as seen others use light weight clay but that stuff isn't cheap for the amount needed looking forward to giving this a go
lstcause1480 (author) 2 years ago
Yes, this one will be wearable, unlike my first instructable. Obviously if u wanted to make it fit perfectly you would need to take a cast of your/your sons head first. The bonus with this clay is the interior, once removed from the poly head, can be trimmed to suit the head its sitting on. Its a really easy n cheap way to make an expensive looking item.
Are u able to where this helmet once finished I desperately wanting to have a go at making 1 for/with my son
lstcause1480 (author) 2 years ago
Have a go yourself, it really isn't difficult and as i say it shouldn't cost you no more the £30 all in.
barney0072 years ago
How much would u charge to make an iron man head? U can email me