Introduction: IRled Communication With PS2 Keyboard

Picture of IRled Communication With PS2 Keyboard

I show you that IRled can be a wireless comunication in previous instructables.

And there are many examples arduino can use PS2Keyboard as a input device

Now I will introduce a project a wireless send message device as picture you see with irled and ps2 keyboard

Step 1: Hardware We Need

Picture of Hardware We Need

First I will introduce a hardware we need to do this project.

1. arduino

2. ps2 keyboard

3. ir led tx and rx

4. mbed board platform (WIZwiki-W7500)

And picture show us how to connect the boards and component.

Step 2: PS2 Keyboard Connection

Picture of PS2 Keyboard Connection

I need to explain about how to connect PS2Key board and arduino.

But it is more easy to see the below.

You can know all about from below.

Step 3: Software for Arduino

Picture of Software for Arduino

Arduino is working receive a key value from ps2 keyboard

And send it to UART for irled communication.

Here we have to connect irled to PWM for 38KHz modulation.

It is very simple.

I used a library of PS2Keyboard and just add a PWM and UART function.

That is all I did...

Step 4: Software for WIZwiki-W7500P Platform

Picture of Software for WIZwiki-W7500P Platform

mbed source code is more simple.

You can see the picture.

It receive ir led data from UART and send it directly to PC serial.

That is all..

The key of this project is UART IRled.

Please refer

Wow it is very easy project.!!!


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Bio: I am SoC engineer of Korea. I developed several comunication SoCs. Now I'm very interesting in IoT with ethernet. and Open Hardware platform.
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