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Introduction: ISR-S3

*if you build this from the pictures do not aim this at other people or animals*

This is the upgrade of my previous gun what was the ISR-V2 but is now the ISR-S2 with the introduction of my new naming system for different versions: Instead of V for version I will use these prefixes instead depending in the weapon

S - sniper
A - Assault
C - close quarters
P - pistol/sidearm

Any way onto the gun The ISR-S3 is a major upgrade from the previous iteration. It has been redesigned from the base up and includes -a comfier handle
-an easier loading system
-better sights
-a track for the bullet to follow
-a fake barrel that also improves accuracy
-a bow (a modded version of the one on senior waffleman's crossbow)
-a sturdier stock
-a sturdier and cleaner overall design
-more power
-more accuracy
-better looks

So overall I'd say it's a decent one shot crossbow and a major improvement over my first few builds. Feel free to follow and favourite and if you want instructions let me know in the comments below.
There may also be some confusion as I said that this would be a slide action crossbow with a bolt action mechanism but I had problems with the slide and my amount of pieces. This will now be called the ISR-A1. If anybody has any ideas for a slide let me know.

*update* last few images show the new lengthened barrel as requested by TheRacker as well as a removable, non-locking bipod.



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was anypony able to build this from the pics i wasn't able to


Sorry with the massive delay but i've been very busy at the moment with school and building the ISR-A1. Hopefully they will be up soon


At the moment not too well. I've been through about 2 concepts that haven't worked or been reliable enough or just required more prices than I have. However I am currently working on a new concept that should (in theory) be more reliable. Instructions are just about ready and should be up this weekend. Sorry for the massive delay

I've tried to build this from this from the pics and never got it right but the Instructions for this will help


Instrucyions will be up at the latest of 2 weeks, more likely a week

was anypony able to build this from the pics i wasn't able to

You like guns that look like this, don't you. For example, my RCP, things like that. You and I must like the same thins...

yes i like the non "normal" looking gun