i felt like i did all i could for this engine i love it to death i mean this is my best angine by far lots of thanks to viper

Well I made the first 2 pictures but I couldn't understand the rest. Are you planning on posting this? I am quite good at making stuff from pictures so you could just do what Gorkem did with his sniper instructable
no i took this apart but check out this one it will be easy to build and its better<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex_inline_four_cylinder_REVISED/">https://www.instructables.com/id/knex_inline_four_cylinder_REVISED/</a> tell me if you need any more help :)<br/>
Ah seen I'll build that one then. I have 3 engines built one is an inline 4 that I designed and a radial engine that I also designed and Needles500's V8. I'll replace my inline 4 with this one!
please send me pics and thanks for building this :)
I will start when I can be bothered! it won't be exactly the same as yours as I don't have the big yellow/black/green gears. I have the red and blue/gold though.
OMG thats awesome post it!
thanks but u have no clue how hard it would be
Oh but i do know, i rebuilt vipers large engine all from sight and that took forever to do!
no for me taking it apart to post it
True but i do think it would make an amazing post
yeah hey i want to make another engine but i kinda dont so if someone anyone can find a very challenging engine to build i will take any challenge i like (cause there is no point in making an engine i don't like)
Well when I get done with my V-6(courtesy of basic concept to: needles300) I'll post it for ya. Its not big but its a challenge
Is it a v8?
noooooooo its a inline 4
Yeah I realised that straight after I posted that sorry. Nice work though!
where did u get all the pieces?????
its not too many i got them for Christmas off eBay i got like 30 or 40lbs check out my other stuff
Wow there was one comment when i got here. lol you did good man! Nice job it's so cool.

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