Here is my version of a VFD clock, running on Arduino (atmega328).

I have researched many of the VFD clock threads out there and this is what came of it.

Thanks to:

Ladyada for the ice clock write up. www.ladyada.net/make/icetube/index.html

Haris for the IV-11 write up. www.candrian.gr/index.php/iv-11-vfd-tube-clock-final-design/

Kevin Darrah for his explanation of multiplexing using an Arduino. www.kevindarrah.com

Please note that I am not an electrical engineer, this is just a hobby, so apologies for any scary design :-)

Also if you like my work then please vote for me as I have entered the micro controller contest, Thank you.

Step 1: Board Design

So using the many threads out there I started designing my pcb using Fritzing.

Fritzing also supply a fabrication service which is well priced and very easy to use.

My design was based on the replaceable bulb style, so using separate plugin boards for the VFD bulbs. I thought this would be better than unsoldering stuff if there is a bulb failure.

The clock would use a real time clock ic and a temperature sensor.

There will be three buttons for menu operation.

I also found a nice little touch ic on HobbyTronics website, this will be used as a button to switch the clock mode between time, date and temperature. 

I must admit that board design is great fun, it really brings out the OCD side of me ;-)
<p>It would be fantastic if you could upload or provide a link to the Fritzing .fzz sketch export file so others could also order the PCB. Great project, hope to utilize some tubes I have had for months waiting for a clock design like this to come along at an opportune time. Thanks again in advance if you have the .fzz file or can share it on the Fritzing fab page.</p><p>James</p>
Hi, beautiful project! Please it should be nice if you upload the fritzing schematic file and a list of components' values. Since I'm designing a VFD clock your ible will be very helpful. I will also wait for the code ;-) thanks very much!
Hi, <br>Glad you like the clock, I have just added a new section showing my attempt at a case for it. <br>Believe it or not I don't have a schematic with all the component values on as I am strange and build using the board design not the schematic. I will update the version I have post on here with some values for you, but you will have to be patient as I don't have much time at the moment. <br>I will see if I can tidy up the code tonight and post that for you. <br>
Thanks Roj, beautiful case btw!
I have just uploaded a rather chaotic schematic. <br>Will upload the code next, when I get a chance to comment it properly.

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