Step 1: Get your bits

you will need a blue rod, and a pencil sharpener

Step 4: Put in the rod

put in the rod.....the last steps pics show where

Step 5: Have fun

have fun....dont shoot at animals or people or fragile things.....oh, and...if you have not built the cannon yet, search 'handheld heavy cannon'-the reasult you want is I_am_canadians!(v5)

jackojack124 years ago
Ur crazy!!!! U cud badly hurt someone--- lol
Nice idea
hedzup456 (author)  jackojack124 years ago
yes i could hurt someone with that, but so would the other ammo...ive got a 6insq on my leg to prove it!
hedzup456 (author) 4 years ago
i forgot to say, you need the ammo too
~KGB~4 years ago
lokks sore... lol