Ice Age - Meltdown! AKA LED Stalactite





Introduction: Ice Age - Meltdown! AKA LED Stalactite

Greeting to the community!

My first instructable and hopefully there will be more. :)

This is easy way to make great home decoration for living room, kids room or your bedroom. Photos are not clear enough but you are gonna get the point. Pardon my English because I come from Serbia where English isn't spoken.

Step 1: Parts and Tools Required

For this ible you will need:

1. hot glue gun

2. several hot glue sticks

3. piece of aluminium profile 15x15x1.5mm, about 55cm long

4. RGB LED strip, 50cm long

5. hot air gun

6. optional RGB LED strip controler ( I didn't use it but you could )

Step 2: Mounting Strips and Cutting Sticks

First You mount LED strip into the profile and then cut some hot glue sticks to various lenghts. Mine are around 5-10 cm long.

Step 3: Hot Glueing, Hot Glueing and Some More Hot Glueing

Hot glue Your sticks onto every second LED. Just apply hot glue to one end and press it on LED. Add some more glue on the sides. Continue with other sticks till you get bored...:)

Step 4: Meltdown Time!

Use hot air gun to melt down sticks one by one. When they start to melt, dip the stick in glass of cold water until it solidifies. Set temperature around 330 degrees centigrade and fan to the minimum so you don't hurt yourselves like myself. Fan was too strong and I had burns on my arm. :(

Step 5: Final Product

And this is the look of final product. You can mount it under your TV set or kitchen cabinets...You will think of something I'm sure. :)

I didn't use LED strip controler but you can, and make mood light with it.

Step 6: Friendly Advice

I made a mistake first mounting sticks and melting them afterwards. It is better to melt your sticks first and later glue them into the aluminium profile. It is far more easier and time effective.



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    Interesting project! Looks like good decor slime for a Ghostbusters party!

    1 reply

    Great idea, didn't come to my mind. :)

    I'm glad you like it.

    Thanks man! :)

    Love it! Seems like a really awesome idea. And your English is great!

    1 reply

    Thanks for the compliments!

    This looks really great! Good idea using the glue sticks. Cheap and effective!

    1 reply