Ice Axe Camera Mount





Introduction: Ice Axe Camera Mount

As a mountaineer you always have a versatile monopod available. With the right adaptor you can use it to take pictures.
A slotted PVC pipe slides on top of the head of the ice axe.



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    Where do you find the 'camera mount' hardware?  I have made a couple of these on water bottles and hiking poles, but think they would be better if there was a ball swivel thing.

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    Those tall, snowy mountains sure have good views... 

     This is fantastic.  We did a similar thing to use ski and hiking poles as monopods. (Or with a quick knot in the straps, two poles as a bipod.)

    Nice - just two questions:
    • Is the pipe tightly fit to the axe, or just sitting there?
    • How did you connect the PVC cap and the camera mount?
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     I made this device some years ago now, so unfortunately I couldn't make a "real" Instructable of it.
    To answer your questions:
    * The slots fit tightly around the nose and the tail of the metal, but the lower section of the PVC pipe fits to the stem as well. I have used it with larger camera's and lenses without any problem.
    * Bolted through the PVC cap and added a washer like this (see picture).


    OK, thanks.