Picture of Ice Candles
I bet you all have seen ice candles on the case you were curious here's how to make them.. :D  
You can use milk cartoons but in case you want small stylish candles use glasses!!! That's what I did and that's what I suggest you to do :D
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Step 1: All in one step

Picture of All in one step
Fill some small glasses with water, tie wick as shown... you can use a pen a pencil or whatever and freeze them for about two hours and a half///

Step 2: Wait

Picture of Wait
After you get them out of the freezer, wait for them to melt a bit so you can easily remove them from the glass... be carreful not to break your glasses!!!  

Step 3: Light them up...

Picture of Light them up...
Light them up! They'll melt faster than other candles but hey! these are way more cool than other candles....
What you'll be left? Just some water... :( 
Enjoy :D 
Stan1y9 months ago
what is actually burning? plain Wick will absorb water before it freezes and won't burn for more than a few seconds without fuel a pre waxed Wick won't absorb any water but will only burn for a minute or two

Pre waxed wick,.and you're right... it lasted about one minute... I think I mentioned it, if not sorry! :(:D :D :D

yes you said they didn't last long but I wondered if there was a bubble of oil or alcohol that had been missed out