I never actually set out to make a ice candle. This project was created during one of my science projects for school. What we had to do was create an insulator for an ice cube, so innitally my idea was to make an ice pocket to put my ice cube in. Later I found that wouldn't work because it had to set out all day, but in the process I made a "cup" of ice so I thought it would be cool to put a candle inside.

All you need is a disposeable cup with a waxy covering, a larger plastic container, a candle, something to weigh down the cup, and some water.

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Also, here is a general warning when it comes to fire...
Never laeve a fire (or candle for that matter) unattended...
Even if it is surrounded by ice.

Step 1: Forming the Base

First put a little bit of water into the bottom of the plastic container. Leave it in a freezer unill it freezes

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