Ice Cold Beer in 20 Seconds!





Introduction: Ice Cold Beer in 20 Seconds!

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How to instantly chill or even freeze drinks in less then a minute using household items.

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Step 1: Warm Beer.

If you just cant wait to get your hands on a cold beer, follow these quick and easy steps and you will be enjoying your favorite frosty beverage in no time. less then a minute.

Step 2: The Setup

Take a nail or screw and heat it up with a lighter, then poke a hole with it in a plastic jug.

Step 3: How Its Done

Take a can of air duster, hold it upside down and insert it through the jug. Then insert your favorite drink and spray for 20 seconds to a minute. This will instantly deep chill your drink from room temp to near freezing. 1 can of air duster will chill about a six pack of beer. Do not open the beer until after you chill.

In the video it is obvious that the thermometer is measuring the air temp around the beer, but if you watch closely you can see the frozen gases spraying onto the can and frosting it. If you think this is some kind of hoax then hold a can of duster upside down and spray into a glass of water... it will start to freeze.

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    How to keep beer cold. Best way to have your beer cool

    And remember kids, do NOT inhale the vapors. You can die from lack of oxygen within 12 seconds, and that little buzz you think you're getting, is asphyxiation kicking in.

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    exactly. and depending on the gas that is compressed some of them you wont even feel like your out of air until after your passed out.

    They mostly use Freon, the same stuff they use in air conditioners. The reason I said that is I know somebody who almost died from getting "high" off dusters, he was in the hospital for 2 weeks

    That is just flat out wrong. Please do not post misleading statements, others may believe your hogwash.

    Quite correct, sir.... there are some minor chemical differences, but they're both CFC's and are essentially the same.


    Freon is actually a brand name for a whole group of refrigerants. R-12 was the well-known ozone eating "Freon", which is a CFC, like you stated. Canned dusters are HFC, not CFC, pretty much always either HFC-134, or HFC-152. HFC-134 is the "Freon" which is in most household refrigerators and air conditioners. It doesn't deplete the ozone like the old CFC (and to a lesser degree HCFC) refrigerants, but it is still a strong greenhouse gas. And yes, as far as the huffing goes, xirekaj is entirely correct. co2 is actually what makes you feel like you're running out of air. When you breathe most other gasses, you'll just get light-headed and pass out. Getting "high" off of it is really stupid, It's really just a painless method of choking yourself until you're dizzy. I don't condone doing drugs, but honestly, you would be way safer smoking pot or something.

    No, I'm damn sure that I'm right. But since you're so smart, how about you tell me what is in them?

    Absolutely false. There is not or has ever been freon in air duster.. Look for my very long comment near the end of this page to find out the truth. Duster can kill you or cause severe brain damage if inhaled but freon is way to dangerous a chemical for household use.

    ehh you got me, kinda, Freon isnt a single chemical its a group of chemicals known as haloalkanes. Many of these chemicals are toxic and even deadly. Tetrafluoroethane is used in air conditioning units and also in refrigeration units so technically it is freon.. or like 'new freon'

    Actually, yeah. Freon is just like a group of chemicals that can be used in HVAC systems. But, Tetrafluoroethane is still deadly, and so are these dusters when inhaled, which was my main point.

    Yes I agree, Inhaling duster is deadly no matter what is in it, it's certainly not air and will cause asphyxiation (lack of oxygen to the brain) which can cause severe brain damage and death. and if you read the fine print and do the research like CVXDES did, you will find out that the chemical in this stuff is very similar to the very ice cold and deadly to inhale refrigerant 'Freon' so for all the doubters heres the real proof. look it up.

    probably best to do this with a couple windows open eh?

    I'd only do this if my fridge broke down for no reason... Isn't there a safer way tp do this without risking lack of oxygen to the brain?

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    It won't be that much of a safety problem as long as the room is well ventilated, but safety aside, it's still pretty expensive and it's a greenhouse gas (much worse than co2). With a $3 bag of salt and some ice, and you can chill a whole cooler in less than 5 minutes. And there should be enough salt to do several coolers. Cheaper, safer, and less environmentally harmful.

    by using this method there is no risk of lack of oxygen the other comments you read were about sucking the air directly from the bottle which can cause death the first time u you use it

    Dude this is cool dontt listen to them as long as you dont sniff it close up youll b fine (:

    good idea but one saftey concern; use gloves while holding the canister or risk frostbite to your hands... this can happen with Co2 pressurized cylinders letting go of pressure quickly, they become cold enough to give instant frostbite!

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    It is not actually compressed CO2 it is 1,1,1,2 tetrafluoroethane not the best stuff it inhale or have a lot of exposure to.