Introduction: Ice Cream Bread -- Ka-POW!

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Ice cream bread only has two ingredients: Ice cream and self-rising flour!

It's so simple that Ari is wondering: Is this really all you need?

(Yes, it is!)

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Step 1: Make It!

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-Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

-Mix equal parts melted ice cream and self-rising flour.

-Spoon it into a greased pan.

-Bake for 30 minutes.

That's all!

Step 2: Enjoy!

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Eat it, ya doofus!


kasssa (author)2011-02-07

Delicious ible, Phyllo!!! For grins, I modified things a bit and used a muffin pan (as did another reader). I found that 2 cups of melted Death By Chocolate ice cream and 2 cups of self rising flour worked pretty well. It made exactly 12 standard size muffins, although next time I might add maybe 1/4 cup sugar for a bit more sweetness. My wife suggested frosting them - hmmmm. Texture was good!

ThamarBerber (author)kasssa2012-11-16

O. M. G! They look G. R. E. A. T!

djNewEra (author)2011-02-04

Another chocolate one, it's very good.
Tip: Use your ice cream container to measure flour, then you'll always have the right amount!

ThamarBerber (author)djNewEra2012-11-16

Another good tip!

johnnyyuma (author)2011-02-03

I didn't have ice cream , so I used ice cream sammichs.

I didn't have a bread pan, so I used a muffin pan.

They're good!

ThamarBerber (author)johnnyyuma2012-11-16

Great tip!

Beanface (author)2011-02-01

Thank you for this! Chocolate pecan ice cream with extra pecans and chocolate chips added. Yum!!

ThamarBerber (author)Beanface2012-11-16


NatNoBrains (author)2011-01-31

Here it is!
Tastes delicious!
Thought it would taste sick!

Bindlestiff (author)NatNoBrains2011-02-01

congrats, Nutrition Man! Your photo was posted on the home page of!

except they call it "easy, fugly ice-cream bread". Heh.

Bindlestiff (author)NatNoBrains2011-01-31

Cool! Its true, ice cream bread is as delicious as it is ugly.

NatNoBrains (author)Bindlestiff2011-01-31

Ha! Yes

dehlome (author)2011-01-31

Delicous choclate flavor, mmmmmmm.

Bindlestiff (author)dehlome2011-01-31

Glad y'all are enjoying it, even if nobody seems to own a bread pan! :P

saharaci (author)2013-05-05

I tried the ice-cream bread recipe today. It turned out really well (I was very surprised!). The boysenberry-flavoured ice-cream was a bit bland so next time I'll use a more exciting flavour. Super quick and super easy

maltesergr8 (author)2012-12-04

Ever tried any other flavor besides vanilla?


Ki1o (author)2011-08-22

My Gosh. This is THE most easy and fun ice cream recipe ever. Thanks Man, I now know how to impress my family.

bluemidnightrain (author)2011-04-19

This seems wonderful. We are planning on trying it out tonight. I know this may seem like a moronic question, but I can bake it in a glass dish, correct?

My husband and our friend are at the store right now picking out the ice cream or ice cream flavors that we will be trying. :o) *happy dance*

mikedice (author)2011-04-05

Huh?this must be something cutting edge new:)))

ericaevs (author)2011-03-18

Never would have though in a million years of such a combination.

handprints (author)2011-03-12

Delicious and so many ways to alter the goodies!! I followed the basic recipe, but before I mixed in the icecream, I added rolled oats (same amount as the flour), almond slivers and coconut flakes and mixed it until it was sticky. I folded in fresh blueberries and dropped them like drop biscuits on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Baked for 30 minutes and Yum!!! Icecream Oatcakes!!! I liked this method because of all the crinkly crunchy bits. It was excellent by itself but ab fab with honey and butter.

This morning I used 3cups rolled oats, 2cups self-rising flour (because I had bought a bag earlier), one bag 1-1/3 cups of walnuts, 2 tsps baking powder (just because) and 2 cups of melted ice cream. I had to add a little milk to get all of the ingredients moist and sticky, then did the drop biscuit method on a cookie sheet. I was hungry! So I got out our waffle iron (it was one of those thick ones-Belgian waffles, I think) and dropped four scoops on to the heated iron, smashed it down and within a few minutes, it was done!!! It was faster than the oven and I liked it better because there were more crispy parts!

The oatcake recipe is kind of bland but I like it that way. I supposed you could eat it like waffles and add butter, cinnamon and syrup. I have been taking a couple for lunch every day and they are quite filling. Very good for those days when it is difficult to get out of the office to pick up lunch and VERY economical!!!


fretted (author)2011-02-25

You guys had way to much fun making this Ible didn't you This is awsome

Weirdfro (author)2011-02-24

I've been waiting to try this for about a month now. I finally made it and, since I made it in a bread pan and it looked delicious. However, I made a terrible mistake. While making the self-rising flour, I neglected to realize that baking soda =/= baking powder. It tasted awful, but I'm excited to try it the right way!

scoopalicious (author)2011-02-13

WOW. Couldn't wait to make it/try it. YUM.

scoopalicious (author)2011-02-13

We wrote about you on, too! Check it out!

Can't wait to try making this in the next couple of days!

porcupinemamma (author)2011-02-13

Wow!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I'm going to try it. Very "cool" ;0)

pepecai (author)2011-02-07

350 grados farenheit a cuantos grados centigrados equivalen?
me parece muy apetitoso tu postre gracias
en España no utilizamos grados farenheit
perdonad mi ignorancia

kasssa (author)pepecai2011-02-07

350 Farenheit de grados es igual a 177 grados centígrados. Esto no es la ignorancia si usted no es familiar con el sistema inglés de medidas. :-)

pepecai (author)kasssa2011-02-08

gracias por su aclaracion
atentamente le mando saludos desde España

kasssa (author)pepecai2011-02-08

gracias. saludos desde Detroit, Michigan en los EEUU

Bindlestiff (author)pepecai2011-02-07

PhantomJACK (author)2011-02-08

lol Sounds good. very entertaining too! :)

Duke Luke (author)2011-02-08

so my ice cream bread tastes kind of bland. more like short bread than anything else. advice?

Bindlestiff (author)Duke Luke2011-02-08

Use it like shortbread. It turned out exactly as it was supposed to.

As the instructable says, you can use different flavors of ice cream, you can add a tablespoon (or more) of sugar, and/or you can add an egg.

javajunkie1976 (author)2011-02-02

Never in my wildest imaginings (they get pretty wild) would a combination like this be possible. Do the ordinary grocery stores carry the self rising flour or is that one of those specialty store things?

If you are unable to find it, google "self-rising flour recipe" - it's just a mix of regular flour, baking powder, and salt.

Also good if you don't use self-rising flour enough to get a whole bag of it (me).

The susbstitution is as follows:

For every cup of all purpose flour, you have to add 1½ teaspoons of baking powder and ½ teaspoon of salt

I use this rather than haveing to buy a 5lb bag that I will never use all of!

brewgoat (author)javajunkie19762011-02-03

Self rising flour is sold in grocery stores. It is the most prevalent flour sold probably accounting for 75% of the flour sold in stores.

davialyn (author)brewgoat2011-02-05

I think you're confusing all-purpose flour with self-rising flour...

suespence (author)javajunkie19762011-02-03

Self-rising or self-raising flour should be in any supermarket.

PS, good work, Beanface! By far the fanciest ice cream bread I've ever laid eyes on.

It is very common in the UK and less common in the States, but the regular stores near me carry it right alongside the other flour. There aren't many choices as far as brands and different size packages, but its there.

JessieT (author)2011-02-04

This is so nice (thought it was gonna be horrible!) - tastes great with nutella on top! :)

valhalla076 (author)JessieT2011-02-08

EVERYTHING tastes great with nutella ;-)

Beanface (author)JessieT2011-02-04

YES ... it is fabulous! I cut a slice, warm it in the microwave and spread on Nutella.

michaeljamesbrown (author)2011-02-01


what are your thoughts on using frozen yogurt ?

I've never tried it.

Lavonna (author)2011-02-05

When you say "melt the ice cream", do you mean really melt it to a liquid or just soften it up?

Bindlestiff (author)Lavonna2011-02-07


herquiltness (author)2011-02-05

Just another day in the lives of America's Most Adorable Couple! Thanks for making a simple ible so creative and fun!

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