Step 2:

Preheat oven to 375°.
Line the cookie sheet with aluminum foil. 
ok....just wrote down the ingredients.... i pray it comes right...looks pretty simple...but the comments below doesn't make it sound so. going to try right now
It came out nice...but i think my cake layer was too thick..and rolling was difficult...if you don't mind...could you give me the ingredients in grams or ounces? i took flour suger and everything that said 1 cup as 8oz...now i find out that is wrong....please help <br />thanks
The &quot;8 oz in a cup&quot; is a volume measurement not a weight measurement. Scoochmaroo has a great instructable on how to measure flour found here:&nbsp; <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Measure-Flour/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Measure-Flour/</a>.&nbsp; This should help you in your dry measurements.&nbsp; When I get to the point where I make some bread, I will weigh the 1 dry cup of flour in grams for you.&nbsp; Also, the pan I used was called 1/4 sheet cake pan, and it measures 12 inches&nbsp;x 17 inches (305mm x 432mm).&nbsp; It might be too thick because a too small pan was used.&nbsp;
Thanks a lot...does sugar also come under the same dry measurement or is it different.
Sugar too is a volume, not weight, measurement, but it doesn't have special considerations like flour. Just measure 1 level cup in a dry measuring cup. That will work. Hope it works out better next time.
Thanks :-)
I applaud your skills! I've tried making one before and failed miserably. Now I might try again.
It's very difficalt for me :(
This looks so yummy, I am going to be trying this :) Thanks so much for sharing &hearts; <br>
You are welcome. Thanks for looking.
First of all, what a great story! <br /> <br />Secondly, I want a better look at that mixer. I think I need one of those!
Thirdly, I have NEVER had success with an ice cream roll cake. I applaud you!
It's one of those things, practice makes perfect. Thanks for looking.
It's a Bosch about 20 years old. Love my Bosh!

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