Ice Cream Float





Introduction: Ice Cream Float

Ice cream floats are one of my absolute favorite indulgences. I don't normally drink soda, but for some reason when it's mixed with ice cream, it transforms into magic in a glass.

These beauties are super simple to make. Let's go...

Step 1: Supplies

    • Ice Cream (I like to use vanilla, but I've heard that chocolate is also worth trying.)
    • Pop, a.k.a. Soda (Root Beer and Orange Cream are my faves, but others to try are Cherry & Cola)
    • Glasses
    • Ice Cream Scoop
    • Straws and/or Spoons
    • Garnish, if desired

    Step 2: Pour Some Sugar

    Fill your glass(es) up with soda approximately two thirds of the way.

    Step 3: Ice Cream Islands

    Next, add one big scoop of ice cream for a shorter glass and one and a half to two scoops to larger glasses.

    Step 4: Go With the Flow

    My ice cream eyes were bigger than my glass! I never cry over this kind of spilled milk. These tasty treats are best when they're a bit messy.

    Be sure to experiment with different sodas and ice cream flavors until you find your own magic combo!




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      cherry vanilla ice cream with coke (Coca-Cola, not sure about other brands) is AMAZING, and normally I'm not even a fan of coke or cherry anything lol.

      We call them Spiders :3

      You have Virgils Cream Soda...but have you tried with Virgils Root Beer? It is by far THE BEST root beer readily available...and all natural too.

      Root beer floats Ahhhhh! Brings back childhood memories ...

      in my country is different, it is made with alcohol and is called earthquake. is so called because once you take it, the floor will not stop moving. but it is made with pinneapple ice cream