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Introduction: Ice Cream Glider

Hi everyone

Was just trying to enter into micro/mini rc. So i decided to make a prototype model from stuff lying around. Will add radio control later. Right now its a simple glider what i intend to make.

Here is what you will require :

Ice-cream Sticks ... 0.06$ for 12
Cyano-acrylate glue ... 0.1$
A marker pen
Tracing paper
Depron/ Biofoam plates

Step 1: Making Airfoil Ribs

Make airfoil shapes on the depron plates. I made a general shape as it is just a prototype. You can choose clarky-y profile. For beginners it is not much important to get the shape correct. Just make sure al the ribs when cut should be sanded to match each other perfectly.

Cut all the shapes carefully with a cutter..i made 8 four on each wing. After cutting all the can sand them to match each other...but i was lazy enough to do that. Once you are done with the airfoils,leave them aside for the time being..we will now create the fuse and wing structure with ice cream sticks.

Step 2: Making Wing Structure

Please be very carefull while cutting ice cream sticks...the proper way to cut them is similar to how we cut a glass. Just use many cutting strokes with small feed depths and then pop them into two.

Cut two ice cream sticks length wise at the middle. I used the max length i could get from one stick. So i now have 4 long half sticks. Take another full stick and cut it into two at the middle but not along the length...alongh the breadth...and then cut these 2 half sticks along the now you have 4 small half sticks.

See the pics for reference.

Step 3: Adding Dihedral

Cut a slight bevel on the small half stick and join it with the full length one. see pics for clarifications. I used a standard 0.2$ cutter do do all the bevelling ans no sanding was done ever.

Repeat for all 4 sticks.

Step 4: Completing the Wing Structure

Now determine the chord of your wing and cut six pieces of the same length from the ice cream sticks. Join them to the main wing sticks as shown in figure. You need minimum 4 sticks or the structure will not be stable. The pic doesnt show the third and fourth stick but you can join it near the start of the dihedral and somewhere in the middle of the wing.

Step 5: Adding Airfoil Ribs to Wing

Now after your wing frame is ready...glue the airfoils..i used Cyano-acrylate glue for that. Refer the pic. Repeat these steps for the other wing. Make sure to make the join between the two wing halfs strong.

Step 6: Rudder and Stabilizer

Complete the horizontal and vertical stab on similar lines...refer the pic.

Step 7: Covering the Wing and Empennage

Use a standard tracing paper to cover the wings, rudder and the stabilizer. After covering each component glue the rudder to the stabilizer as shown in pic.

Step 8: Adding Dowels to Wing for Mounting

Just glue two stick at the underside of the wing. This will be used for mounting on the fuselage. Refer the pics for clarification.

Step 9: Fuselage

Take two ice cream sticks and glue them together to make a stick type fuselage. The glue the wing and the stabilizer/rudder assembly to the stick fuselage.

Add clay nose-weight to the fuse to adjust CG at around 30% of the chord to get optimal flight characteristics. You Ice cream glider is now ready to fly.

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laley flight video nahi hai koi ??

Nice instructable, I'll surely try to make one. Wondering if
instead of wood in the wing to use a thicker depron to make it lighter.
Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Dagob

Do share your project and pics. Would love to see

can you please give all measurements if your popsical sticks 10.5 cm long

Hi letsdostuff

Yes they were around that length.

can u give the measurements for the width of the wing .Answer quickly please thanks :)

the chord of the wing is 2 inches and the wingspan is 10-12 inches

hi i is there another easier to glue and lighter cover for the wing that i could use

Yes you could use a cling wrap used to cover food dishes..or use a heat activated covering like oracover, suncote, monokote etc