I eat ice cream straight from the pint but I don't like how cold my fingers get. Wrapping my pint in a cloth napkin worked for a little while but I thought I deserved something better. Now you can sew a fabric sleeve for yourself. It'll keep your fingers from freezing off while you eat!

In this instructable you will design a pattern and sew one cozy. The pattern can be reused because pints of ice cream are pretty much standardized.

These instructions would also work for making a cozy for to-go coffee cups. Just use a cardboard coffee cup instead of a pint of ice cream to make the pattern. You can use your own fabric cozy and skip the cardboard sleeves at the coffee shop - save the trees!

Step 1: Materials List

Pint of ice cream
Writing utensil
Freezer Paper
Scissors (and a rotary cutter if you have one)
Sewing machine
wouldn't that be considered a chilly instead of a cozy hehe
This instructable is so well written! It is very much on my to do list. :]
well wouldnt this also work the other way? like make your ice cream melt faster?
I have not experienced that. It insulates the ice cream against the warmth of your hands as well as insulating your hands against the cold from the pint. Your hands stay warm and the ice cream stays cold.
ahh i see, like a double sided thermos
i made a cheap easy despoaple one with one 6 pap towles if u want to know
not nearly as cool though
great instructable! nice sewing..... i bet you ate ice cream after this instructable lol well great one bye!
You can bet your bottom dollar, I did! :) This instructable was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

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Bio: I am a teacher and crafter. I'm always coming up with schemes for how to make things we buy reusable, better, or more beautiful.
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