Ice Cream Pops





Introduction: Ice Cream Pops

Finally, you too can enjoy ice cream on a stick!  These tiny bonbons are the perfect sized snack, and they come in every single flavor you like.  Beat the summer heat with Ice Cream Pops!

Step 1: Ingredients

You need to acquire the following:
  • Ice Cream or other frozen delight (sherbet and sorbet work too)
  • Magic Shell - homemade is best, and you can create your own flavor combinations
  • Sticks

Step 2: Scoop

Scoop out a bunch of tiny ice cream balls onto a sheet that will fit in your freezer.  Check to make sure it fits in your freezer first, or you will have to transfer them all to a smaller sheet, and they will be good and melty by this point.  Don't ask me how I know.  Just trust me.

If they're not too melty, add the sticks.  If they are too melty, pop them in the freezer for a bit to let them firm up, then add the sticks.

Step 3: Freeze

Refreezerate your pops for at least 30 min.  It helps to turn your freezer all the way up!

Don't forget about them though, or they may get icky freezer taste. Yuck!

Step 4: Dip

Get your magic shell ready for dipping.  I had to microwave mine to liquify it, but it still didn't get warm enough to melt the ice cream.

I recommend two dippings per pop.  The first dip may be compromised, and ice cream will quickly show you where.  A second dip gets things firmed up nicely, and you can layer different flavors of shell.

Step 5: Freeze and Eat

Since I wasn't eating these immediately, I put them back in the freezer for a bit.  After about 10 minutes, I separated them into bags according to their flavors.

I came up with the following taste sensations:
  • Vanilla ice cream in Dark Chocolate shell
  • Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in Mint Chocolate shell
  • Blood Orange sorbet in Dark Chocolate Orange shell (vegan!)
  • Blood Orange sorbet in Vanilla shell
  • Vanilla ice cream in Creamsicle shell

What combinations will you make?



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    can we use Hershey's Chocolate syrup?

    how do you make the magic shell because I scream for ice cream!!

    I put the ice cream in the magic shell for one hour. Cause I took my dog for a walk. It was too too sweet

    Try this:after dipping it in once or twice and let it go hard then after I has gone hard dip in caramel so that there is a thick layer of caramel. Then dip in the chocolate again a couple of times and let it go hard-pls reply

    Great Idea!

    Cool! The Magic Shell is a wonder and so simple to make too! :)