Ice Creams and Popsicles - Homemade Compilation

Picture of Ice Creams and Popsicles - Homemade Compilation

In such hot weather in most countries, find something to refresh becomes a daily thing, that's for sure.When you only drink iced tea or soda to refresh for several week, It not only becomes boring but harmful too. That's why there are popsicles and ice cream as another way to freshen up, made mostly of natural products are very healthy plus you can make them at home to your taste!

In this Instructable I want to show several of the recipes that are prepared in my house. I not just put one recipe, because I would have to choose the best, and the truth is that they are all delicious. So this Instructable will be more like a "compilation" of the recipes that we prepare in my home, which will be updated each time we prepare something new! I will try to add more recipes as soon I prepare them at home, so keep checking!

But first, we'll go for some tips and basics when preparing Popsicles and ice cream, just to get into ... Heat?

PS: I do not usually use measurements in my recipes, because I do everything empirically, even if I follow a recipe from a book or TV, I just look the ingredients and then I choose quantities. I will try to give some proportions so you can do any amount and not be limited to a specific amount, but I also recommend trying your own amounts and experience every taste =)


Oh yum, I love all these variations! The "milk and cereal" flavor you made with fruitloops is such a cute idea!