I made these due to the fact that I never have luck with the slip on/ strap on type ice cleats, they never work or fall off.
I have tried various techniques to maintaining footing while ice fishing without success until I tried this, they work excellant, but be warned, they are extreamly aggressive and will damage flooring so be carfull around the house oor the bait store.

Required items:

Heavy soled winter boots, I used winter insulated, water proof, logging boots

Hex head screws (the ones with the screwdriver slot work the best) of a length appropriate for the sole thickness of your boots, in this case I used 5/8" long

First lay out a pattern of your choosing, I tried to maintain the cleats on the portions of the sole that were already raised and in areas where pressure is applied when walking (toes, heals)

When putting in the screws, you can use a corless drill with the appropriate driver but I found that the screw kind of prenetrated too deep, by useing a hand driver or flat headed screwdriver they can be more accurately inserted to where the head of the screw rests firmly against the rubber.

Should the time come when you decide you no longer want the cleats in place they can be simply unscrewed with little more then superficial holes to the soles.

Hope this helps some fellow fisherman or other folks who have to work on the ice!

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