Picture of Build an Ice Fishing Pole
Build an ice fishing pole for under $10.00.
This project was created as an activity for the Boy Scouts in preparation for our troop's Ice Fishing derby. The graphics, shown on these Instructables steps, were given to each scout as a packet to follow the step by step instructions.

Note: Some steps refer to using a fixture. The construction of the fishing pole can can certainly be build without these fixtures.
Because we were building a large quantity of poles with the Boy Scout troop, some simple fixtures / assembly aids were created to keep the process moving as each scout cycled through the construction stations.

Information on fixtures is included for interest sake, but,again, they are by no means necessary to complete this project.
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Step 1: Basic Fishing Pole

Picture of Basic Fishing Pole
Step intro 2.jpg
Step intro 3.jpg
The picture below is the basic ice fishing pole the scouts built. The next few steps describe the process to build this pole.

Step 11 is the start of a Reel Upgrade . The Reel Upgrade would be used in place of the the basic fishing line winding posts.

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
Handle - 1" diameter wooden dowel 12" long (We used poplar wood)
Rod - 1/4" diameter wooden dowel 16" long
Rod/Handle Attach - wood glue
Winding Posts - (2) 1/4" diameter wooden dowels 1 1/2" long
Eyelets- (2) safety pins
Eyelet Wrap - heavy polyester sewing thread
Eyelet Wrap Coating - super glue
Spring Bobber
Fishing line
Split Shot lead sinker
Wrist strap - 24" length of decorative cord (optional)
Finish - Paint (optional)

Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle
These graphics describing the step by step process for constructing the fishing pole were given to the scouts as instruction sheets.

Note: In step 2 & 3, the holes can be drilled by hand or with a drill press. Because we were building so many poles at ones we used some fixtures described in the next steps but are not necessary.
diy_bloke2 years ago
great, I would be tempted to still put a piece of shrink wrap orount the glued windings, just to ake sure
cmjake0073 years ago
awesome !! you going in the the rod business ?? the winding fixture may be a bit of overkill. personally, if i was only building a few i think i would just glue the safety pin on and then hold the thread taunt while carefully spinning the shaft to get the windings on. i'm sure the fixture was a bigger deal to build then the work it saved.. but then again, you got the results you were after. thanks again for your sharing.
hpstoutharrow (author)  cmjake0073 years ago
You would be surprised! The winding fixture gets quite a work-out.
It was built to help our Boy Scout troop build their own rods. About 30 scouts have used it to build their fishing poles for our 1st annual troop ice fishing derby. Since then, we use it every year to have the new boys build build their own before the outing.
A bit overkill...sure.. but it was fun to build, and it introduces the newbee's to the art of DIY possibilities.
Makes sense now that you tell me it is used for many youngsters rods. lots of kids do not yet possess the dexterity to do a quality winding. your fixture will help them to accomplish this so they will succeed and enjoy the pride of a job well done. a key ingredient in growing up to be successful in life.
SIRJAMES093 years ago
you did great!! it's pretty awesome what the human mind can invent and/or build from scraps of whatever.

adding the video was cool too!

I know that some people enjoy the heck out of ice fishing,and for them that's great!!
wouldent pvc and endcaps be just as good?
Mr.Sanchez4 years ago
Man this is Awesomeeee......
quesoman5 years ago
super cool
rimar20005 years ago
I agree. Good work.
denona5 years ago
thats so cool nice job