Ice Flowers




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Introduction: Ice Flowers

Flowers made of ice! Up the cute factor in your punch bowl!

You need: scissors, various empty plastic bottles, and optional food color.

Cut the bottoms off the bottles. Add enough water to fill petals and cover the center of the flower. Add a drop of food color. Freeze.



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    Awesome. I've been trying to figure out a way to make some plaster of paris flowers for a small gnome garden for the wife. You just solved my problem. Thank you!!!

    Cool. You are very very clever.I'm Expecting more cool ideas!!!

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    Thanks! My schedule is starting to open up, so I'm hoping to get back in the mix real soon!

    Simple and cute. You could make them out of fruit juices too, no need to add color, and they will flavor the punch/drinks you float them in.
    Ooooh. You could make Jello Jiggle flowers too. Just spray the bottle lightly with oil before filling. You have my brain started with this one.... nice job!

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    oh yeah, the jello really sounds fun!

    Thanks! I was scouring the house for alternative ice molds when I thought of this!

    Nice, clever use of plastic bottles.

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    I missed the reuse challenge!