An awesome water filled, ice encased sphere.

Step 1: Material

all you need is a regular balloon (not a water balloon) and food color (optional)

Step 2: Add Water

fill the balloon with water (not too big, but not too small). If you have food color add three drops.
-then tie it up

Step 3: Freeze

Freeze for about four hours depending on the size of the balloon.
-you can tell if it's done by tapping the top, if it is hard it's ready.

Step 4: Pop

take it out and poke the top with a toothpick until it pops

-though it looks solid the ice gem is actually filled with water,
if the water doesn't drain then poke the top with a toothpick and it will.

have fun
<p>what you drop in it i didnt understand. only water and baloon or any chemical</p>
<p>Nice! i made some a few days ago, I think it went well</p>
AWESOME. Gotta find some water balloons!!!
Lol he said regular balloons, <strong>not </strong>water balloons...
Late reply ^ 2 years late! <br>Thx for correcting me.
what if it froze completely ??
can someone do it and put something next to it so we can see the size?<br>
Whoa. I want one!
I not understand the ice not found with the time
Don't you feel like freezing it for forever?<br>Its soo darn pretty :)
I've made these a couple of times now, but mine don't look like that. The surface isn't as smooth and if I drain the water, I lose all the colour. It still looks neat, but I'd like to keep the colour.<br><br>Also, if I leave it for longer than 4-5 hours, the outside is clear and the center is solid food colouring, like an egg yolk.<br><br>Any advice? Is it the food colouring I'm using? :)
SICK! i love it
Wow! I really like it! It is interesting yet very simple!
Why is it blue?
food coloring.
Drain the water out of the Crystal?
it's not crystal, it's just ice :P
ice is a crystaline substance
Why take out the water?
because the ouside layer is solid while in the inside water is still liquid
wouldn't the ice expand when frozen. in other words the balloon would pop!
its a balloon - they are meant to expand
it wouldnt expand that much .... in fact iv frozen ice in glass cups .... didnt break
things contract when they freeze.
water expands not contracts when frozen ... its thermodynamics
Water, when freezing, forms a six-sided crystaline structure. This actually causes it to expand and become of lower density than water (hence ice floating in water).
That would only happen if the balloon was filled to maximum capacity. If you leave room for it to stretch, you should be fine.
i found out about these a while ago they are great in summer to have fights with
i think i'll make a bunch of different colors of these to line my porch rail this winter!
That is a neat idea! Would make some nice decorations for a snowman or snow castle.
Why not try putting a blue LED throwie inside to maximize the effect? Cool Project!
Like the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Ice-Bulb/">Ice Bulb</a>?<br/>
the vid got removed
yeah, :-)
yes, it indeed does. however, there is no need to YELL!
you can yell by typing? O_o
lol thats just great <sup>.</sup><br/>
OH MY, ITS SOME POT-PIE!!!!!!!!!!!
*opens fridge* Ummm... Who bought 999999999999 pot-pies?<br/>
oh crap! umm.... he did it? *points at fwj*
no, not me says i for i am fwjs28 P:
haha, points at your face 101 ha that sounds funny
still wasnt me.... IT MUSTVE BEEN WILL421!!
hrmm. i see

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