Picture of Ice Gems
An awesome water filled, ice encased sphere.

Step 1: Material

Picture of material
all you need is a regular balloon (not a water balloon) and food color (optional)
lol thats just great .
OH MY, ITS SOME POT-PIE!!!!!!!!!!!
will421 fwjs286 years ago
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fwjs28 fwjs286 years ago
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If when it's done you dip it in plastic or something to make it permanent
I'm going to make one with a whole bottle of red food coloring and drop it off a building onto some unsuspecting person down below! :9
I don't think it'd need red food colouring... the shards of ice stabbing into them would probably do that for you...
Evesneon6 years ago
what does it mean by 'though it looks solid the ice gem is actually filled with water' ?
it looks like solid ice, but the center is not frozen. it is liquid water.
Lukes mate17 years ago
cool if i make one how long will it take to melt?
greggles147 years ago
is there any way of makin it permenant by like using a liquid plastic that hardens or sumthin?
philip kim7 years ago
I tryed it with a water ballon and it popedin in my fige
Oh! Dude that must have sucked.
I love you!!!!! by the way:will the magical pony princess like this as a gift? and will it melt?
Its amazing how popular this one is considering its simplicity. Has anyone tried floating the balloon in a solution of alcohol/water so it comes out fully spherical instead of just sort of flatish?
skaterat137 years ago
thats awesome but whats the point if they just melt u no
i made four but two exploded in the freezer then the freezer was green and purple
im making one right now nit looks cool but i got food coloring all over my hands
I got green food coloring all over my hands... At my vollryball tournement like 5 people asked me why I had green all over my hands
Sunbanks7 years ago
I tried this and put blue food coloring in it and the food coloring went to the middle and didn't freeze. It looked really cool. So when I took the water and food coloring out the ice ball and the ice was a very light blue. I used to take the little plaastic cups from the orange and white ice cream, fill them with water, dip my markers in them, put little tiny pieces of toilet paper and put them in the freezer.
This is impossible, well, it is, but the ice ball thing will just melt later on! Still, good instructable.
Yakster7 years ago
Mythbusters did a show about Can warm water freeze faster then cold water?

The answer was yes, but only under certain circumstances.

A different Mythbusters show about starting fire using ice as a magnifying glass suggested vibrating the water with a motor or other movement while it is freezing to make it more transparent.

Have you tried putting a tied off balloon in the outer balloon and then filling it with water and freezing it?

I don't know about faster, but I have frozen hot water and cold water side-by-side to demonstrate that hot water freezes clearer than cold water. Not sure if it froze faster, since I let them all sit in the freezer long enough to freeze solid.
sane1237 years ago
cool im trying it out rihgt now
will it melt if you leave it out
Nah, ice doesn't melt this year.
Ripsaw tomc3uk7 years ago
Nope, in fact, it'll burst into flame, but stay frozen. ...
sparky20127 years ago
Nice. Looks cool. I have to try this. But one question- what do you do with them? watch them melt?
play baseball kind of...