I came out of work today and was greeted with freezing rain. 

Stopping of at the local supermarket for some ice melting product I was disappointed to find that all the smaller shaker containers of ice melting products were sold out.  All they had left was a big bag of rock salt, so that is what I got. 

Thanks to the ever present pot of coffee that makes its home on my kitchen counter, I have a few extra empty coffee containers laying around just waiting to be rednecked into something new and exciting. 

I know that over time using rock salt on concrete will cause the surface of the concrete to get pitted, brittle, and flaky, But I will take flaky concrete that needs to be resurfaced over a broken bone or other injury caused by taking a slip down icy steps.

Step 1: Let's Get Started

1 container to be turned into a shaker
1 wire coat hanger
wire cutters
drill and bits

using the top of the container as a form bend the wire around the lid.  Once you are happy with the shape decide where you want the wire to go into the container to secure the lid while shaking, and mark the lid for drilling the holes.

cut your wire to length and bend the ends in.

make an alignment mark on the lid so it is easier to line up the wire hole after refilling the container

<p>Great idea and photos. </p>
Good idea, I'll have to try it this winter. Love your avatar too!!
Simple and Brilliant. An excellent mix. Thanks
Thanks. Had a chance to put it through its paces today with a nice blend of wintery mix falling all around. It works great with a simple side to side shake, and it is very easy to control width of spread by varying how hard you shake.
I should make this for my folks! I used to hate hauling out that huge back of rock salt every winter. This is a MUCH better idea.
It is a nice middle ground between having to lug around a big bag of salt and dispensing your melty justice one dixie cup at a time.

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