Picture of Ice Phoenix Costume
I had known what I wanted to be for Halloween since last year after Christmas. The craft stores had all of their sparkly Christmas decorations on sale, and I saw them and immediately thought "I need to wear all of this." But how.... The only logical explanation is to create an Ice Phoenix costume.
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Step 1: The Wings

First of all, I needed to figure out how to build wings. What's a phoenix without wings? ..I dunno, but not a phoenix, that's for sure. I went online and did some research on how to build articulated wings, but all of the tutorials looked too hard and I didn't feel like watching an ENTIRE 4 MINUTE video. Way too much time.

So I searched for parts around my parents yard. Luckily, I found a nice patio umbrella that had large wooden arms that opened and closed, One umbrella had enough arms to make 4 sets of wings.

I took it apart and got the pieces I needed. Next I had to figure out how to mount the arms to my back. I used two boards, put a hinge in between the boards on the outside of what would be touching my back, and mounted the arms at an angle on the corners of the back of the boards.

I screwed eyelets to the top edge of the wooden arms and ran paracord along the tops of the wings, and crossed the cord in the back of the boards so that when I pulled the strings, the wings would open.


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Nice it looks good
sbass2 (author) 1 year ago
Thank you everyone!
it looks really nice on you
it looks really nice on you
Partybot1 year ago
Very beautiful work. I hope you won some contests.
profort1 year ago
Stone_UFO1 year ago
That's really neat. Good job!
Very imaginative and very beautiful. Great job. :)
budhaztm1 year ago
That is amazing. And beautiful
HollyMann1 year ago