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Convert your skateboard into an ice-skate machine. Make sure to have qualified adults test the quality of any ice surface you test this mean machine on.


docscarabus (author)2012-07-03

How do you push it?

Spokehedz (author)docscarabus2013-02-05

Excellent question! Maybe cleats? Or maybe a pointed stick to push off of the ice?

gripes (author)2008-08-18

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Derin (author)gripes2008-11-15

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The nerdling (author)Derin2011-06-23

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saxophones (author)gripes2009-02-11

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gorgo333 (author)2008-02-10

because every kid happens to have threaded rod and steel planks just laying around.

thedog458 (author)gorgo3332010-02-22

i do as well

ductapepro14 (author)gorgo3332008-05-09

i do but thats mee

OBar (author)2009-08-22

If you take it for the basic idea of an "ice board?" it sounds like it may be a cool idea. I was never much for th how toons any way but it does give me a good idea. Thx.

the_intelligent_pickle (author)2009-04-21

i think this needs a bit of tweaking on the design of the blades, this wud suk to bail on

sk8terhippy (author)2008-08-07

me no under stand

DailyMe Intern (author)2008-03-13

Dude, this is a complete waste of time. I opened this thinking there would really be a way to make this.

ItsTheHobbs (author)2007-08-13

i usally hate howtoons but im makin this also you do need more than a comic cuz i cant read these alot of the time

PetervG (author)2007-03-30

I put a few hours into making one of these and in the end it didn't work. It just stuck into the ground. D:

jvangurp (author)PetervG2007-06-21

Are you sure the ice was solid? The board sure looks good... maybe it just needs better ice to work properly.

Just blame the ice, just blame the ice...

jvangurp (author)2006-12-05

We're going to give it a try. A jigsaw with a metal blade + a bench grinder is the way to go for the blades. Painting them with some good anti-rust spray paint is a good idea too and with some colour they'll look good.

moon161 (author)2006-05-31

Interesting. Is there a working model? How 'bout those blades. Shaping them with a mongolian milling machine, I mean file may take all winter. If dad can make the steel strips, he's probably got a chop saw that'll knock off those corners. An angle grinder is much better, but I'd recommend the soda bottle safety glasses first.

banjokid (author)2006-04-05

I was thinking santa clause wrote it

Coffee bean (author)2006-03-20

I need mor than a comic. I have a feeling you didn't write this yourself.

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