Ice Spike


Introduction: Ice Spike

Grow one in your freezer! Ice spikes happen when surface water freezes, except for a

small hole or crack, where water pushes up thru and freezes into a spike. Spikes 18 feet

tall have been observed in Lake Erie.

Use *distilled water* in your ice cube tray, or try boiling the water and filtering it. This one

grew with plain tap water.   Tried to take better pics, this is as good as I could get. 



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    No, this is just one of those "things that happen sometimes" and you can get it to happen with more predictability by freezing distilled water, or in lieu of that, I have had success freezing boiled then twice filtered water. I understand that in some parts of the country, tap water, when frozen, will produce ice spikes and that it sometimes occurs naturally, in lakes, ponds, and puddles.