Ice Claws





Introduction: Ice Claws

20 days ago I was in the field. And there was snow and ice...and I slip down. So, I decided to buy ice cleats/crampons. Well, here was limit on real alps high quality stuffs ... i.e. high prices. So, went to nearby metalworking shop...

Step 1: Start

T profile plate 2 mm thick. with holes for screws. Zinc protected against rust. A 25 mm steel screws, zinc protected, for metal. Self drive in.

Step 2: Tool

I took a saw, a rasp and a rasp and a wrench....shorten T profile, extend holes for future strip, and start to screw bolts. Some holes should to be adjusted, to match the screw.

Step 3: Looking How Should Be Fastened

As you can see,  some heads of bolts suddenly find a place between ribs...

Step 4: Reinforcements

In spite the bolts hold tight in T plate, to avoid unscrewing, I decide to use small torch and put simple zinc wire to fasten heads....  after I cleaned - wash this with gasoline.

Step 5: Testing

Well, later I add strip and clips, and tray it out in the field on frozen waterfall...
I menage to stand still and secure, to move, to climb, to take a photos ... from the point which is without this..... impossible.

Step 6: This Is That

That is this.
Well, now I have help, for eventual situation. Not heavily to carry in backpack, cheap and strong. 
Its work for me,

Yours on your  responsibility.

Sincerely yours.



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    Does anyone know where to get the T profile plate? I went to both Lowes and Home Depot, looked in the trussing area and did not see one like this. Any suggestions?


    Um, that looks scary. I would rather using salt to make ice surface tough.

    Nice. Simple. Usable :-D

    Great idea! Must-have for ice fishing and river hiking. I like your style.

    where could i get T-profile plates?

    In the Hardware shop (Bauhaus)... all kind of metal parts for joining wood.

    These are nice, I may be making my self a pair in the next few days. Only thing I would do is not cut the first few screw holes like you did because you will get more traction and the center of your feet won't be a high point.

    I'll be using 1/4" screws the 1" you've got there seem a bit long.

    Good job on making these!

    I'm a big fan. I could've used this instructable a few months ago, b/c it was pretty slick out where I'm at. I'll be doing this for next winter.

    Great Instructable! I'll definitely do this next winter!

    very nice alternative to the big boot spikes of yesteryear i wish i had thees on yesterday... i might not have had to go to the ER