Ice Cream: Quick, Healthy, Vegan, DELICIOUS





Introduction: Ice Cream: Quick, Healthy, Vegan, DELICIOUS

Ice Cream, Delicious, cool, rich, sweet, GUILTLESS, VEGAN, DAIRY-FREE, LOWFAT, LOW-CAL ice cream.

It only needs 1 ingredient, and takes about 5 minutes of effort...

It's vegan, low cal, has no added sugars, and is 100% Natural and full of vitamins and other naturally occurring healthy substances!


1 Banana

Step 1: Peel, Cut, and Freeze!

1) Peel the banana, cut it into 8 pieces, put it in the freezer. Wait for it to freeze completely (1-2hrs max)

Step 2: ~Blend and Serve!

2) Take the frozen banana pieces from the freezer, place them in the blender. Close the cap and turn it on until it starts to stick on the edges of the blender.

Take the cap off and keep blending while pushing the bananas near the blades with a spoon. (3-5 min max) When you get a custard like texture, put into a bowl of your choice, top with anything, and eat!!! ;)

BON APETIT! Have you had your serving of fruit yet today? ;P

Step 3: TIPS!

-If you want to add another fruit, like strawberries, cut them up, freeze them and put them in the blender to make banana-strawberry ice cream. If you want pieces, just freeze and place them in the end.

-Add chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, have fun with it! Technically, all you're eating is a banana!

-To make chocolate-banana ice cream, you can add a chocolate spread while blending- (nutella, choc. syrup) or, just put cocoa powder in the blender and enjoy!

-You can add milk, yogurt, cream, coconut milk, or anything else in the blender to give it your spin! (by all means, try it but you don't need to)

-the BEST bananas to use are the slightly browner ones...;)

-Optional toppings or added flavors: (1 serving)

Strawberries (7)

Peanut butter (1 tbsp)

Chocolate syrup (depends on how you like it)



++Many more!! (anything you can think of!)



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    17 Discussions

    that's the beauty of it! ;)) I'm sure you can add it if you really think it's necessary though! ;)

    No, I've been making this for years and I don't want butterfat (although Ice Cream is my favorite food) My point is, you can't call it that (in the title) because it isn't.

    Well, to be honest, if you want to get completely technical I can explain why I can in fact call it ice cream (I'm sure you don't want to get technical though), nevertheless, if you do, here's the logic:

    Ice cream in its generally accepted form (with buttercream) is Cream thatis Iced or frozen, therefore it should probably be called IceD cream.

    Cream can mean different things, it can be the dairy product, the cosmetic, or anything that has the same consistency (if you google cream here's a definition:a sauce, soup, dessert, or similar food containing cream or milk OR having the consistency of cream.)

    Therefore, since after you freeze a banana and put it in the blender, it gets the consistency of cream, according to the Dictionary I can call it cream.

    Then, in the same way whoever named IceD Cream Ice Cream, I can call my cold (or Iced) banana Cream (or mixture with creamy texture) Ice Cream, and so I therefore have the right to call it Ice Cream in the title because that is exactly what it is.

    Also, read this from Wikipedia: In some countries, such as the United States, the phrase "ice cream" applies only to a specific variety, and most governments regulate the commercial use of the various terms according to the relative quantities of the main ingredients.[2] Products that do not meet the criteria to be called ice cream are labelled "frozen dairy dessert" instead.[3] In other countries, such as Italy and Argentina, one word is used for all variants. Analogues made from dairy alternatives, such as goat's or sheep's milk, or milk substitutes, are available for those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy protein, or vegan.

    Note that a) I do not live in the USA and b) The vegan Ice cream is still ice cream and it definitely does not contain butter cream.

    Also note that the definition given by Wikipedia as well is as follows: Ice cream (derived from earlier iced cream or cream ice[1]) is a frozen dessert USUALLY made from dairy products, such as milk and cream and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavours.

    Oh, and lastly I'd like to mention that if you see all the other variations of names for frozen desserts, none fit other than Ice Cream because this dessert is not water based, has no added oils or fats, is not made with fruit juice or ice, and contains no dairy products.

    (Sorry for writing so much, I have a reason for everything and love explaining it)... Hope this clarified everything ;)

    wow, awesome! this looks great! we always have a bunch of frozen banana's in the freezer and this would be an awesome way to use them. thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    The source of my irritation, I think, seemed to be the implicit assumption that low-fat is healthy, and that has turned out to have been a mistake - a combination of bad science and pressure group politics that has been an absolute disaster.

    There's nothing at all wrong with bananas in moderation, if you're metabolically healthy. But there's nothing wrong with saturated fat, either.

    It may be low-fat, but it's definitely high-carb. Which means that for a lot of people it's far from healthy.

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    "Ice Cream, Delicious, cool, rich, sweet, GUILTLESS, VEGAN, DAIRY-FREE, LOWFAT, LOW-CAL ice cream." doesn't say 'healthy' anywhere that I could see, but I know what you mean. I love bananas though, so kudos on a simple alternative for those with alternative eating habits. Thanks for the great idea Dmadelinep.

    Alright, so I managed to re-read everything but the title. My bad. I still like the ible. :D

    It is healthy. Yes, fruits contain carbs, but they are good for you. You are recommended to eat fruits daily and this is a very creative, delicious, and interesting way to eat something you should eat everyday while simultaneously stopping a craving for a food you shouldn't eat every day.

    jdege, I see where you're coming from but it's important to note what type of carbs they are. For instance both processed sugar and insoluble fiber are carbs. One is pretty good for your gut and the other not so much. Same thing goes for fats like omega 3s (good) versus all the processed fats added to prepackaged goods (usually bad). Anyway, most fruits are high in sugar so it's better to go heavy on the veggies versus fruits, but this is a far cry better than a tub of Bryers and a spoon lol.

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