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Ice cream!  Oh, wait, it's a cake! who cares if you're tricked if it involves cake right? and sprinkles, can't forget those

Wanted to make these for so long, finally got around to it with the help of my two nieces! (they seemed to enjoy them...the tray didn't last long)


MaddieJ3 (author)2015-11-25

My mom made these when I was a kid! Great 'able!!

shimmery1899 (author)2013-10-19


katie-lyn11 (author)2013-04-26

LOVE these! And the little girl is adorable:-)

Darkcast (author)2012-07-03

I found one similar to this one

swilde1 (author)2011-10-09


CatTrampoline (author)2011-06-09

I don't see the instructions - maybe my internet connection is wonky again. You place the cones in a pan that will hold them upright, using rings of foil if the muffin tin is too loose. Pour your favorite cake batter into the cone about 2/3 full. Bake as usual. Cool, frost, eat.

CatTrampoline (author)2011-06-09

I did these once for a high school bake sale; they make a very nice presentation. The tricky part is transporting them! The home-made holder box could have been an instructible itself.

splazem (author)2011-05-29

I've done these before! They taste great!

OldBird51 (author)2011-05-28

But how did you make them ?

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