Something different: mix up a caffeine containing stimulation drink (eg. Red Bull) with a herbal schnapps (eg. Jagermeister) and use it to make ice lollies with a kick! Not for kids...

Step 1: Mix It Up

Mix up the caffeine drink with the schnaps to create a mixture with an alcohol content, low enough to enable freezing. In my case the schnaps contains 22% alcohol. This compares to 33% for original Jagermeister. By mixing 2 parts Red Bull with 1 part of the 22% schnaps, the final liquid will contain just over 7% alcohol. As pure alcohol freezes at -114 degrees Centigrade and water freezes at 0 degrees Centigrade, the new mixture should freeze at 7% x -114C  = just under -8 degrees Centigrade.

Enough 'science', let's mix it up and fill the ice lolly moulds!
it looks nice well done
Wow, Just what I need for my BBQ party ! <br>
Thanks for doing some of the math for us. :D <br /> <br />Those look excellent!

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