Something different: mix up a caffeine containing stimulation drink (eg. Red Bull) with a herbal schnapps (eg. Jagermeister) and use it to make ice lollies with a kick! Not for kids...

Step 1: Mix It Up

Mix up the caffeine drink with the schnaps to create a mixture with an alcohol content, low enough to enable freezing. In my case the schnaps contains 22% alcohol. This compares to 33% for original Jagermeister. By mixing 2 parts Red Bull with 1 part of the 22% schnaps, the final liquid will contain just over 7% alcohol. As pure alcohol freezes at -114 degrees Centigrade and water freezes at 0 degrees Centigrade, the new mixture should freeze at 7% x -114C  = just under -8 degrees Centigrade.

Enough 'science', let's mix it up and fill the ice lolly moulds!

Step 2: Freeze!

Free up a flat spot in your freezer and place the ice lolly mould...

Step 3: Enjoy!

After having been in the freezer for long enough to freeze the mix, take out the lollies from the mould and enjoy responsibly!

The used alcohol content resulted in lollies that were close to being 'slushy'. A lower alcohol content, say 5%, will give a more solid ice lolly at the same temperature.
it looks nice well done
Wow, Just what I need for my BBQ party ! <br>
Thanks for doing some of the math for us. :D <br /> <br />Those look excellent!

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