Picture of Icebreaker Package Drawing Pad
Wondering what to do with that empty Icebreaker package collecting dust on the shelf? You can make a drawing pad out of it! It's small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.
You'll need:
2 pieces of computer paper
Duck Tape
Metallic sharpies (optional, any sharpie or permanent marker works)
A good, strong pencil sharpener

Step 1:

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First, you'll need an empty Icebreaker package. Get 2 pieces of paper, fold one in half 2 times on the long side. Then, trace the big lid at the top of the paper. Cut that out. You should be able to do this three times on one piece of paper. You will want to cut the semi-circle a little smaller than the lid so that it fits. Repeat step with other piece of paper.
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