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This is not a build, it hardly even qualifies as a recipe, but it's a great tip I use intensevily during the summer. Actually my father in law just mentioned it one day, so it might not be a revolutionary new idea, but a great idea none the less.
Note: In the summer heat, they do get quite wet on the outside, so please consider using a coaster if put on furniture.

Some claim that freezing water in plasticbottles, releases dioxin, and is therefore toxic.
Just as many claim it to be a hoax, or an urban myth.
Including this guy, witch to me looks pretty credible.
Please search the internet for info, and make up your own mind about this matter.

Step 1: Recycle.

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Recycle your singleuse waterbottles, they're perfect for this. The more bottles you have, the longer it will be, before you have to 'reload' them.
Clean and rinse, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Just Add Water...

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Now fill each one 1/3 - 1/2 with tap water.
The more water you add, the longer the cooling obviously will last.
Of course you will have less room for liquid water, but if you're near a tap, you just refill when empty, and wait a moment for it to cool.

Step 3: Freeze...

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Put the bottles in your freezer, lieing down. This will get you the fastest cooling.
I guess if you freeze them standing, you will get slower cooling, but maybe over a longer period of time. I didn't test it.

Step 4: When Cooling's Needed.

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Grab a frozen bottle from the freezer, maybe add a little flavor, and then fill up with tab water.
Wait a few minutes.....cold drink ready.

Step 5: Get Some Work Done.

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Chopping through one foot of recycled concrete gravel, compressed by a 500 kg vibrator, does make one need a cool drink on a hot sunny day. (making flowerbeds, btw)


Spikoo (author)2009-08-28

If you fill 2/3rds of the bottle you get more ice (longer refreshment) at the expense of more frequent refill. To get the cap free of ice just put the bottle in the refrigerator slightly tilted so that the cap is free.

muffinhead (author)2009-02-21

i heard freezing water in the cheap plastic bottles could cause cancer if you drank it. idk if that's true though. :P

pingvinos (author)muffinhead2009-02-21

Hi muffinhead. Please check out the 'ATTENTION' section at the top, and also look at the link in Will Knot's comment. Thanks for caring, though. :)

minime12358 (author)pingvinos2009-06-29

Actually, I would like to say that if you reuse bottles at all that it can be very bad for you.

pingvinos (author)minime123582009-06-30

I can't think of why it'd be bad for anyone? Anyways, I'll take my chances. Using plastic bottles only once, will be bad for the environment, and thus be bad for people anyways.

Gage987 (author)2008-06-16

don't they make double layered beer mugs with water in them for this purpose

Will Knot (author)2008-03-28

freezing water in a plastic bottle is safe. Here the link to the snopes page on it.

good idea

SpinWard (author)2008-01-04

This is a great idea, I love doing this. I also think laying them down works better. It makes the water colder because more water on more ice. When we go camping we freeze Capri-Suns for ice packs. They are durable and when they melt, the kids drink them.

AT (author)2007-08-06

This would be a great thing for a hot August day. Maybe a little carbonated Fruit?

I was thinking about your comment about the bottle getting we. How about making an insulation cover for your bottle? You could make one for cheap out of a mouse pad and some contact cement.

Just cut a mouse pad so that it just fits around the bottle. Either with or without the cloth top of the mouse pad. Then use the contact cement to glue the seam.

I made a neoprene case for an external DV-camera battery pack that I made using this method. Seemed to work well. If I have some time, Maybe I'll do an instructable on it? If anyone else has an extra mouse pad and some contact cement, go for it and let us see the results.

right_on (author)AT2007-09-05

that's a good idea, but lots of hard work though :) if you want to keep it dry and cold much longer, put the bottle in a thick sock or even two socks, with the "mouth" of the bottle where the opening of the sock is, and make sure it's dry when you do that. then tie the end of the sock. also works great for bottles with cold water in them. looks silly but it will amaze your friends! :D

doublesoc (author)2007-07-08

is tab water like a diet version of tap water? :)

pingvinos (author)doublesoc2007-07-09

Yeah, 'cause I'm like, trying to watch my figure. ;)

juanangel (author)2007-06-16

You did not noticed that by lieing down the bottles you get a larger area for the water to cool. This way you don't have to wait until it cools all the way up.Also fill the bottle and by lieing it down drain excess water or liquid(I used concentrated juices instead of water(trial and error)and then freeze.

Ben.land101 (author)2007-04-11

i did this but i make a turning rig for the bottles it takes a while but eventualy you will have a bottle with the edges coverd in ice. its awsome!

WolvesOfWar (author)2006-07-29

just put (we dutch call it "siroop") in it and then put it in the FREEZER part of the FREEZER next day, its frozen, when u try to drink u cant, its frozen, but after 1 minute it will start to melt done

babbie (author)WolvesOfWar2007-04-01

haha yes i am also Dutch siroop is just very concentrated lemonade, gives the same effect but it takes time to melt so you have to wait

Rednek Electrition (author)2006-10-22

how is it going to hurt someone? Drown them.

I suppose if you'd smack someone in the face with a frozen bottle, it might hurt a bit. ;-) I can't think of any other way?

zofo300: Are you talking about the dioxin thing?
I believe it is a hoax.
Try reading this article.

zofo300 (author)2006-10-18

you no that frezing warter in a waterbottle isnt the best for people

Shiznit (author)2006-07-23

You're increasing surface area, allowing heat to escape faster.

pingvinos (author)2006-07-15

Thanks for the comments guys. Regarding the dioxin thing, I've been doing a little googling on the subject, and found that as many saying it's toxic, just as many is claiming it's a hoax. I'll put a disclaimer at the top, so that peolpe can make up their own mind about it. @trebuche03 & Von Klaus I consider myself to have sensetive teeth, but I don't find this uncomftable. Maybe it's because it's summer, it doesn't that cold afterall. So give it a try. ;)

bowakowa (author)2006-07-14

boy I hate raining on a parade, but my boss is this sorta crazy bosnian ex olympic bobsledder who fought in the war over there and lost a twin brother. So, excellent guy, super nice and driven, but a bit on the cautious side. We have these safety topics in our Monday meeting about far ranging topics, and one of his faves is not to freeze or microwave anything in plastic. Apparently, (did I spell that right?), it releases dioxin, which is pretty toxic to us. He listed some modern illnesses which may be linked to this phenomenon. Darned if I can remember which. Any more info, anyone? Sorry for the long windedness.

le_papa (author)2006-07-07

I do got 3 childs and when we go camping for 2-3 days, we fill up all kind of plastic bottles (soft drink 1l. is perfect) @ 90% and we freeze it for 2days before leaving. Then we use it in the cooler to keep food and of course my beer cold. At the meen time, when they unfreeze, we got enought good water for kids and us, if you mix it like few little water bottle, some 710 ml. and 1l, it could last 2-3 days, this is cheaper then bying ice cube or bloc. this is also perfect when going for a day @ any theme park like six flags. for longer trip, bring a 4l of liquid water and use it to refill the little bottle.

trebuchet03 (author)2006-07-06

I find drinking ice cold water pretty nasty/uncomfortable while cycling or working hard outside.... Takes a lot of energy to heat the fluid just so it can be absorbed properly :/ Don't get me wrong... cold water feels good on the outside :P I typically throw two or three ice cubes in my first water bottle, and five or six in my second water bottle so that everything is cool, but not hard to drink... hurray for those nice two hour training rides :P

Von Klaus (author)trebuchet032006-07-06

I am the same way. I got bad teeth and they are senitive to cold . Yeah i know it is a cavity and my dentist "fixed" it (he said i have deep grooves and he HOPED he fixed it) I brush my teeth everyday . They were my back 12year old molars i never thought i should brush.... sigh.

Von Klaus (author)2006-07-06

All my life (which is only a mere 15 and 324 days) i always wanted to know how to do that. Seriously i tried shoving large ice cubes into the bottles and freezing them (did not work) i tried standing them up and freezing them(nope). but now. YOU LAY THE DOWN!!! GENIUS!!!!

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