Introduction: Iced-Coffee Frappe

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Are you too lazy to get into your car and go to Starbucks and buy yourself a yummy, delicious frozen Frappe? Well, no problem. Now you can make it at home with my Iced-Coffee Frappe recipe. Have fun!!!

Step 1: Ingredients

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1 1/2 cups double-strength coffee, chilled (4 Tbsp. coffee per 6 ounces water OR 1 1/2 cups cold-brewed coffee concentrate)

1/2 cup low-fat milk

2 Tbsp. sugar

1 1/2 cups ice, plus more as desired

Whipped cream (optional)

Chocolate sauce (optional)

Chocolate ice cream (optional)

Step 2: Directions


Total Time:5 mins.

In a blender, puree coffee, milk, sugar, and ice. For a thicker consistency, add more ice and blend. Pour into 2 glasses, and top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream if desired. Serve immediately.

Step 3: Drink It

Put a straw in your delicious frappe and sip. Enjoy:)


Filipp (author)2014-07-14

It tasted very yummy! I have no pictures though.

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