Iced Coffee Frappe

Picture of Iced Coffee Frappe
In this instructable I'll show you how to make an iced coffee frappe at a fraction of the cost to buy one at coffee shops.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
You will need:
  • Cup of black coffee with sugar (how much you want, I used 2 spoons)
  • Cup of milk
  • Ice cube tray
  • Blender

Step 2: Coffee ice cubes

Picture of Coffee ice cubes
Take your ice cube tray and pour the coffee in and put in the freezer till frozen.

Step 3: Blend

Picture of Blend
Use your frozen coffee ice cubes and put them in the blender with the cup of milk, then blend it all until its the right consistency.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Serve and enjoy you can also add chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream etc, so go mad!
Hello, I just wanted to say WOW I am drinking this right now it's amazing. I'm a big fan of anything cold and anything coffee, and I love second cups chillatte.. I have tried many recipes for similar drinks but they all sucked. However, yours is fantastic. Freezing the coffee is really key. Thanks so much!!
kat_skittles28 made it!1 month ago
this was amazing! im going to share this with my mom
jkdabrown (author)  kat_skittles281 month ago
Great! Glad you enjoyed it!
gdawgtuk1 year ago
Do you mind specifying what you mean by "Sweet Black Coffee?"
jkdabrown (author)  gdawgtuk1 year ago
Hi guys sorry about the confusion now edited it. You need to make black coffee with about 2 spoons of sugar in it.
Thank you for clarifying! Great idea and great instructable!
I would guess they mean dark coffee (strong) that is made very sweet?
that's how I would interpret it. Strong coffee with lots of sugar.
I only ask because later it's mentioned to add sugar if you prefer it to be sweet. So I'm just curious if they are just expressing a fondness for Black coffee there, or if there is really a sweet black coffee I don't know about lol.
jkdabrown (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for feedback everyone glad you like it!
thayray1 year ago
Great idea! I am going to try it.
I tried it and its great
Instead of milk, I use Borden's Sweetened Condensed Milk. It's a lot creamier. Be careful though, as it can get very addicting!
Mmmm, sure it's nice! :)
Greta R.1 year ago
Great idea! And follow back?
Good idea, I do the same with frozen bananas!